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  1. Wishing everyone the best this weekend! I hope we all meet next fall!
  2. Hey friends, Reapplicant here, waitlisted last year. Received my interview invite today. Round 2. IP GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 515 see you there!
  3. IMO medically related research should count. I had something similar for research and I selected ‘medically related’ and there was no issues.
  4. Looking for anyone to help me out and edit my essay or offer and constructive criticisms on where I could improve. I'm willing to return the favour. Thanks
  5. I’ve read that 4 addition seats will be added for the upcoming year. Am I right in assuming that is for the 2019 entry in September? Or is that for the 2020 entry? Also, those seats are “earmarked” for black and indigenous applicants. Does anyone know if that means they are only for applicants from those groups? If there are no black or indigenous applicants to fill those will they still fill those seats with other applicants?
  6. Congrats!! That’s awesome. You’re the first I’ve heard who’s been lifted off the N.S. waitlist. I’m hoping I won’t be far behind - my score was 70.23.
  7. Every time I get a Dal alumni email I have a mild heart attack
  8. So what’s everyone’s plan for next year if you don’t get off the waitlist?
  9. Is there any way to tell how many applicants are admitted from the IP waitlist specifically?
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