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  1. Wow thanks for the great answer! I will have 2 other references for when I apply, so really that only leaves me with the con of having less experience on research techniques and different areas of research. Do you think this con would have an impact on my application?
  2. Hey everyone, I started doing research in a lab in my 2nd undergraduate year. I do think that I am going to stay in the same lab for the next 3 years (up until I graduate). This would also include an NSERC position in this lab during one of the summers. My question is: Would it be better to do research in different labs, or would staying in the same lab be just as good? I am asking this because there's not a specific research area that interests me more than others. I would enjoy them all the same. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for the help guys! Oh and the A would give a 3.8, not a 3.9
  4. Hey, Im taking a 2000 level elective where im not feeling too confident grade-wise. It's one of those easy A's but almost impossible A+ type of course. Getting an A would lower my gpa. I was wondering if it'd be best to drop this course and go for a first year bird course where I could get an A+. The problem is that im already taking 2 first year courses needed for my degree this year, with the other 7 being second year courses. Do you all think I should just take the A in the course at my year level, or get an A+ in a first year bird course? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey does anyone know what Gpa will normally get you an NSERC in the biology department?
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