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  1. Thats how it was for us last year! It can be awkward saying your answers to a screen and not receiving any input so just make sure you practice getting comfortable with that. I think last year they had a practice interview on the interview link so you can practice before you actually do it!
  2. Hey! I did my MMI last year and I practiced with other people who were also applying to the program (Set up a Skype call or something using the Facebook group, its a great way to make friends and get feedback on how to improve your answers). You can also google mmi questions and practice on your own using those as well as watching youtube videos. Remember to practice saying your answers to your camera and become comfortable with it. Also, while doing your interview take a breath, smile and remain calm you got this!
  3. Typically they send the invites out in waves so have some hope! and the interviews are only conducted over the two days they have scheduled, although im not sure if everyones is on the same day now since they are doing them online. Rejections will be sent out before the interviews are conducted..they wouldn't leave you hanging. Good luck!!!
  4. Wow thats so good to hear! Our faculty said we can do it this summer and grad on time or we can defer it until next year and graduate 7 months later. Wish they were more flexible considering this is such an unprecedented time.
  5. Hello! this is a question for the current first years: Do you guys still have your practicum happening despite the whole COVID situation? or how is your faculty handling this? UBC is still making us go but I wanted to hear if that was the case else where as well! I dont have any UofA friends so i didnt know where else to post this haha!
  6. Im not sure what form you're referring to. Last year we had to reply to the email directly to confirm or decline our attendance, not sure if its the same way this year. You can always email them back to confirm if did indeed accept the interview invite or not Good luck!
  7. Also I think I did a calculation last year and they do approx 360 interviews! My best advice would be to watch youtube videos, find practice questions and practice with your future peers!
  8. Congrats guys!! Also a first year here taking a break from studying haha! Don't stress too much yet, they will most likely send out more invites after this wave accepts/declines theirs. Feel free to ask me any questions and good luck!!
  9. got my rejection last friday im an OOP application it was because my application was not competitive.. after seeing the difference in tuition between UBC and UofA kinda wish I tried a little harder with this application as I think everything I did for my UofA application was kind of so so but it is was it is. Congrats to all of you who got their acceptances and good luck to those waiting excited to start this pharm journey with you guys in a different province tho haha good luck you guys and congrats once again!!!
  10. not trying get anyones hopes up or make them feel discouraged or anything but just in case you would like to know: most of the people who already got their acceptances have registered for classes and each section had about 39 kids in it and 5/6 of the sections were full so i think ~ 195 of the offers have gone out but there still are a few more left before waitlists are sent out. good luck you guys! hope to see you all in the fall
  11. does anyone know if and when there will be an updated booklist?
  12. i think ( and i emphasize on the i think part) they have some sort of list they go by with their top applicants and then their not so top applicants and as people accept or decline the offers they work towards narrowing that list down.. they probably have some sort statistical thing to reject some people right away. good luck and I truly hope you get in as it seems like you really want this
  13. i think more letters will be sent out next week since we had until the 23 and 25 to accept. good luck and hope to see you in the fall!
  14. on the 4.33 scale, i had a 3.83 for my first-year pre-recs and a 3.70 for my last 30 credits
  15. please don't lose hope!!! they still haven't sent out waitlists from what I know and I'm sure loads of people who applied to UBC also applied to other schools who are also still rolling out offers. I also thought I did terribly during the interview but they know youre nervous and in an uncomfortable situation. the people who got in before i think have until the 23 but today's people have until the 25th they are still rolling out offers ( im thinking they are giving people 10ish days) remember no news is good news good luck hope to see you in the fall
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