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  1. waifu4laifu

    Looking for summer student

    MMI Scenario #3: You have a physician friend who alongside other physicians started a company looking to develop medical courses. Your friend has admitted that they do not have much skill in terms of grammar, editing, and polishing PowerPoints. He said "not to worry lads, there's an untapped reservoir of premeds all looking to add something juicy to their CV. We can hire them for free because what other choice do they have! In fact, we can sit around and do nothing while they rummage through a textbook/papers and create the PowerPoints for us while we do nothing except collect the cheque!" You have decided to meet with your friend, enter the room and talk to him.
  2. agree, though sometimes being a guinea pig works out. for example, Mac's new BDC program (biomed discovery & commercialization) basically curved/curves everything when students don't do well because they want program stats to look good (surprise, it is also a BHSc program)
  3. you ask for brutal honestly, but there's nothing people can be honest about because you're being 'elusive ooooo'. why are you even here? honesty was them telling you you're being deceptive, and then you were as salty as your salty gf (in your words) when you were called out. Literally a 1 point difference on the MCAT can make or break your application, so when you report 510 vs. 516 that's a big deal.
  4. waifu4laifu

    MMI Disaster

    I did it for one of my stations lol whoops. After I finished I looked at the prompt and read not to do it, was like “well there goes that one” rofl.
  5. us: UoT can't possibly let us know this late! UoT: hold my beer
  6. Waiting on that wave like
  7. @rmorelan any chance you can look into this?
  8. 2 year GPA is 2 year GPA, whatever that combined mark is what counts, they don't look at other marks. In fact, it's probably a computer that does it.
  9. I think a mass wave of rejections are coming (I suspect tomorrow) with a few invites sprinkled in. Last year's mass rejection was sent on a Friday 1 week earlier than this year.
  10. Why remove the entire interview invites thread because of a handful of posts that went off topic/people asking for clarification on an II post? Not only are you depriving future students of information regarding timing of invites/GPAs associated with invites/ECs and the like, but also that this is one of the final weeks that people are waiting to hear back so anxiety is high during a time when people just want information. It's tasteless. Every other school II thread has posts that deviate from the original purpose but they aren't shut down completely.