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  1. I was looking into this - I think given my circumstances, IP UBC may be one of my only hopes. Depending how well I can do on CARS, potentially mac, but unlikely. Thanks for the reply. If you don't mind me asking, how many years did you take off as a non-traditional applicant before applying? Best of luck!
  2. From their website, it appears that any non-full time years would cause them to not automatically apply weighted GPA to your application. There is, however, an opportunity to write a short supp form/essay given unique circumstances, and they may apply a partial or full weighted GPA at that point.
  3. Wait I just checked and in that second year I had 35.5 credits because of the weighting of eng courses...I wondering if I would still qualify. Might have to make a phone call.
  4. That's really unfortunate about U of T... I was taking 5 and only dropped one about 3/4 of the way though the semester. That weighting would have really helped me as it really is only a few marks lowering my gpa, particularly in later years. Also didn't think I was hindering chances because Queen's considers 3 courses a full course load. Live and learn I guess - can only look forward.
  5. I really appreciate your help. I played around with some hypothetical scenarios and it looks like cGPA is pretty boned, even with a second full degree (unless they would only look at second degree, but ik that's not how it works). Ottawa is a 3-year wGPA so maybe with 2 more years that could boost the 3-year gpa enough. Doesn't Western require the second degree to be a 4-year equivalent? So basically I have to do a special 1-year to boost it or a full 4-year second degree? 2 years is not an option? Barring getting ~100th percentile on the mcat and a way above average casper, mac looks out of the question even with the 3.0GPA minimum and of course u of t is way out of the question.
  6. I haven't graduated per-se but am registered to do so. One option I had in mind was to register for a dual degree before convocation - this would allow me 1 year of life sci courses, give me another degree, and give me a chance to raise the GPA (though life sci may not be the best gpa booster). Re: my location, I'm currently in ontario. I am open to creativity to make this happen though. One thought I had was to get an engineering job in bc or alberta to gain that 'in province' advantage (I believe it only takes 6 months to be considered a bc resident if i recall correctly). But this would also mean delaying raising my gpa as I would likely not be able to take a full courseload with a full time eng job,
  7. Hey thanks for the reply. I was in a different program for a year before taking eng so I only have to take 1 extra semester (4.5 years). I had a full course load throughout. OMSAS GPA by semester: Year 1 Sem 1: 3.5 GPA from 2 courses (3 full years that didn't contribute) Year 1 Sem 2: 3.24 GPA from 5 courses Year 2 Sem 1: 3.32 GPA from 3 courses (1 full year course not contributing - only took 4 this sem) Year 2 Sem 2: 3.54 GPA from 5 courses Year 3 Sem 1: 3.29 GPA from 6 courses Year 3 Sem 2: 3.32 GPA from 7 courses Year 4 Sem 1: 3.45 GPA from 6 courses Year 4 Sem 2: 3.61 GPA from 6 courses Summer: 3.7 GPA from 1 course Year 5 Sem 1: 3.76 GPA from 7 courses I was seeing improvement as time went on but I recognize these aren't competitive marks. I'm wondering if I could take an extra year or maybe two rather than a full second degree. Really appreciate any thoughts.
  8. Hey all, I am a recent graduate of an engineering degree from a Canadian university. As many before me, I realized late that I wanted to get into med, and my current application would be an absolute non-starter. I'm trying to develop a plan to get on track, and am looking for some help doing so. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Current standing cGPA: 3.5 (slightly lower on the omsas scale, between 3.45-3.5 ish) Final semester GPA: 3.91 (again, might be a little lower on omsas) I previously wrote the MCAT and would absolutely need to write again - i'm not too concerned about this. EC's: Have volunteered in a lab and been involved with some minor volunteer experiences, but minimal. Thoughts for moving forward - Hoping to get a couple years of work experience in a setting that will develop transferable skills and prove maturity as a candidate - Concurrently volunteer to round out my app (i have a few ideas on this, but again, meet some of those targets for rounding out my app) - Write the MCAT again closer to my app date (not concerned about this, I have written before and know how to study much more effectively compared to 3 years ago) My biggest concern is the low GPA. Any thoughts as to how/whether I can rectify this without a second undergrad? Another undergrad is kind of out of the question in terms of financials. I'm happy to take a longer view, but any suggestions for getting on track and building a strong app would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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