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  1. Domo2019

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I have a question, which programme from bioengineering or neurosciences is better to have chances to get to a Medical School ? How can each of them can prepare to medical Studies? And which ond to archive good GPA? Is some one in this situation or been in there ? I like both of them and been accepted in bioengineering Mc Gill , still waiting for neurosciences in Mc gill got accepted in Udem
  2. Domo2019

    Meilleur tremplin possible?

    Un Cégep En plus de 4 sessions , Mc gill ne l’accepte pas vas voir leur conditions d’admisdion Pour la catégorie cegepuen sur le site d’admission en médecine ! apres pour applique À Mc gill catégorie universitaire il faut un bacc complèté ! Montréal aussi finir un bacc et Laval il faut 60 crédits dès la prochaine rentrée reste Sherbrooke , je me rappelle plus mais tu appliquer avec 45 crédits ! Je connais du monde sur la liste d’attente de pharmacie Laval ( un rang plus que 100 ) à avec plus 36, 5 de cote r mais disons qui ont pas bien passer le Casper 20 % dans l’évaluation du dossier ! Trouves un programmes moins exigeant comme tremplin à mon avis ..., J’espre Que mon commentaire puisse aider
  3. Any one else has not been invited with 36, 6 cote r ( Cégep) in this forum ? Or I am the only one ? Just to Know..,
  4. Domo2019

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Any one else has not been invited with 36, 6 cote r ( Cégep) in this forum ? Or I am the only one ? Just to Know..,
  5. It’s My feeling , canot control it, worked too hard for 2 years to get a good cote r! Casper canot représent my real capacities or Any Other person to cope with this job requirenent now and in 30 years of career, i guess we can improve and adapt with the practice! Anyway I applied for French médical Schools, also , so At least with my cote r i ´ll be interviewed before being rejetted!
  6. refused for premed : today 22 march 2019 Programs where you applied: premed and neurosciences R Score (Cégep) : 36.6: Your feeling about the Casper test: not very well , was stresssed , but answered the majority of the questions, but let some blanks ! Extracurriculars, a quick overview of your CV:  tutor, Worked as a préposé on a hospital, music and volonteering in cultrual events in my region! i am really angry, and desapointed, thought with 36,6 would be at least interviewed or waitlisted ! is some one here in the same situation !?