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  1. Hi all - I was wondering if I could get an opinion from someone who has previously applied to Western on how much time/work I would need to dedicate on the essays. I'm asking because I have a 127 in CARS and I'm not sure if I'll make the cutoff this year, and don't want to waste time applying somewhere I won't even get considered.
  2. Hi guys I'm in a complicated situation right now and don't know how to proceed. I am currently in my third year and have applied to medical schools. A few summers ago (2017) I wanted to study away for the summer and take a course to transfer credits back to my host uni. I got through all the documents and was registered for this course. Shortly after registration, I decided that I did not want to do the summer course anymore, and I let my host institution know that I would be cancelling my study away. The MAJOR mistake I made was I forgot to notify the institution that was offering the course, that I would be dropping it. Two years later... a few days ago, I got an email about being late paying the tuiton fee for this course I thought I never even took and honestly totally forgot about. I checked the transcript (the uni offering the course) and I got a grade of F and was given NC (no credit). So my question is. Even though I didn't get any transfer credits (because I canceled with my host institution), and I had no idea I was even "taking" this course, but this is still a transcript - so am I'm I obligated to put this on my OMSAS application? I know I'm stupid for forgetting something so important, do you guys think this will affect my application? I'm really worried now, appreciate any input on this.
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