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  1. Sorry, if it helps, I'm freaking me out too...
  2. Damn Facebook group is at 104. Last year, the group was over 100 AFTER the first round of waitlist movement. This wait is awful
  3. Fingers crossed that they are adding extra seats and not using spots from the regular admissions stream...
  4. @QueenStan I was not aware of this, thank you for sharing. That makes me feel a little better. Can you please clarify what ROC is?
  5. I don't know. I've been waitlisted too and am trying to be as realistic about my chances as possible. As someone mentioned, last year around this time, the number of people in the facebook group was in the low 80s, which was a mix of upper and incoming students. This year, its already at 96 and according to @xiphoid upper year students are not allowed to join so its mostly incoming students. I'm sure a decent handful have multiple offers but all of this is making me feel like we should expect significantly less waitlist movement this year, for whatever reason. Who knows though.
  6. There has been one major change this cycle. Western's aABS. In the past, it seems that many applicants who interview at Queen's also interview at Western, just cause of similar GPA requirements. Not sure if that is still the case. Going through accepted/rejected/waitlisted threads on here, it seems many people who've declined Queen's have done so for Western. If the applicant pool at Queen's vs. Western is drastically different, its possible fewer people will decline their Queen's offer as they may not have UWO as an alternative to consider, leading to less waitlist movement. Thoughts?
  7. Was wondering how you know this? Don't think Queen's says so?
  8. I've actually been having a hard time sleeping at all. Never experienced this much insomnia before...a month left
  9. In my experience, the reason my GPA and MCAT were less affected than my ECs was because of time investment. I worked at least 25 hours per week. When I wasn't working, I was in class or studying. This meant I did okay in classes but ECs were hard for me to pursue, especially during the school year. I wouldn't say my income level had nothing to do with my GPA -- that just wasn't my experience. Its very stressful to worry about paying for food, rent, books, and tuition and still get great grades. Also, GPA and MCAT may be more objective than ECs but there's still a lot of variability seeing as schools don't consider rigor of program and grade inflation reputation of certain degrees/schools. I agree that ECs are definitely affected by SES. The point I was trying to make is that, for me, being lower income affected all aspects of my application -- not primarily ECs. I feel my GPA and MCAT would have been higher if I was able to afford more resources but I might be alone in that feeling.
  10. Thanks for this perspective. I'm not sure how much I agree with the statement that GPA and MCAT are least affected by SES. I had to work two part-time jobs throughout my UG to pay for school, which obviously took a lot of time away from studying. I wasn't able to attend office hours as much as I wanted and couldn't afford tutors, which I know some of my peers had. I also had to work to pay for the MCAT and prep books and couldn't afford a prep course as many students take. But perhaps that was just my experience. I do agree that this is ultimately just how things are, not just in medicine but in society. The rich are favored for the reasons you highlighted which is partially why so many of us work for years to obtain the American/Canadian dream.
  11. Really? I haven't heard that before. In your opinion, what makes current clerks and residents unprofessional and "lazy" -- as in, what kind of behaviors do you see them doing/not doing? You're right -- I know medical schools do the best they can but I personally still feel medicine is quite an elitist profession and favors those who come from privilege. It's a tough dilemma because I also recognize that just because someone comes from privilege doesn't make them a bad person -- but I do wish medical schools placed more emphasis on life experiences and candidate background than they presently do.
  12. These were medical students? I mean, I don't feel I put med students on a pedestal/consider them to be perfect but this is just a basic disregard for human life...It wouldn't even cross my mind to do something like that (not saying I'm perfect but this is just meanness for the sake of being mean). Sometimes, I feel the admissions process is pretty seriously flawed.
  13. Does anyone know when Queen's contacts references/verifiers? Is it before interviews or after?
  14. Anyone know what the subject line for acceptances vs. waitlists vs. regrets are? (Yes, I know its ages away, just wondering) From searching the forum, seems like waitlists and regrets get a generic subject line (Queen's School of Medicine Admission Status) but was wondering if acceptances are clearer (something like Queen's School of Medicine Admission Offer)?
  15. Haha, tell me about it! It hasn't even been a week and my interview is all I think about...I didn't realize it would be this torturous...I know there's nothing I can do but I don't know how to stop...If anyone has any tips, I'd be grateful. Thanks @rmorelan That makes sense (from their perspective)...Sometimes I wish there was a way to provide schools feedback on the application process itself...Some of their procedures are just cruel and unusual punishment for applicants
  16. So if its just a numerical summation, why does it take so long for schools to get back to us?
  17. I don't know about this either...I've always pictured adcoms sitting around a table and arguing back and forth in support of certain applicants but no clue if this is true
  18. You're not alone. I interviewed at Queen's, not Western but blew my interview, especially my MMI Trying to accept reality and prepare myself for the next cycle.
  19. My sentiments exactly...felt very similar this year as chiynadoll felt last year... Ugh. I know its over. I know there's nothing else I can do. I know my fate is out of my hands. But I can't stop obsessing...Hopefully, it'll die down in a few days... My panel was super conversational as well...didn't even ask questions I was 100% sure I would get asked...Just seemed to pick random things in my application to ask me about and a lot of random, side chitchat...So disappointed to realize that maybe the panel doesn't play a massive part...
  20. Has anyone else heard this? Is the panel just for flags?
  21. Thank you guys for being so nice. I'll do my best to...forget...Its just that the one thing I was told was follow your structure no matter what but it all moved so quickly that I feel I didn't really do that. Did anyone else stray from their predetermined structure while in MMI?
  22. Hi, I had to make an account after the way my interview went this weekend. Initially, I thought I had done average...but going over it, I realize that my interview, my MMI especially, was a complete disaster. I feel like I basically babbled for 5 minutes straight. I had a predefined structure which I barely followed and am terrified I missed a bunch of points on every station because of that. Some stations I ended early and a few I was basically cut off and tried to wrap up my final thought. 2 stations I think I just blew. 4 I probably sucked at a little less but still didn't follow my structure. I think my panel went...fine. They were very friendly and seemed eager to know me...but who knows. I'm just feeling so defeated right now. I prepped hard for this and screwed up. Does anyone know how Queen's weights ABS/Refs/Interview for final offers? I'm assuming the MMI is worth more than the panel...? Sorry for the rant. I just needed to get it out of me since its been eating me alive.
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