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  1. Forget all of this. The interview process is a complete sham. The people I expected to get in, the ones where you sit down and hear them speak, and you just know they're going to be a great doctor, who explore both sides of the issue, who empathize with everyone involve and you look into their eyes and you can just see compassion...for the most part did not get in. And the ones I would've never ever expected in a million years to get in, the most arrogant people with the most one sided answers were accepted, including someone who got in a big argument with me and literally scared the crap out of me for challenging their position a bit when I practiced with them. This is probably the snappiest person i've ever met to the point of it being a psychological disorder or under the influence but consistently....I have never been more uncomfortable speaking to someone in my entire life and they got in. Another example was someone who literally said a certain group of people's (don't want to get into details) cultural practice is "savage". Thinking back to all the people I practiced with, some of the worst ones were waitlisted or accepted and although some of the good ones did get in thankfully, the majority did not. I would say out of the hundreds of people I practiced with that this process is a complete toss up and there is no pattern or anything to it at all. It's a lottery. The MMI is a broken system. This should be a panel interview and the questions should be based on your experiences and other aspects of your personality directly...not this. Do whatever you can do to improve, but don't expect it to mean anything to them.
  2. Waiting for results (Listen from 5:00) Rejection: Acceptance:
  3. Yeah that grade is going to have a huge negative impact on your file. I would start applying to Caribbean schools...maybe consider Poland.
  4. What do you think our backpack color will be?
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