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  1. You get bumped. Say you've got 4 ortho surgeries slated and then a pacemaker surg absolutely needs to be done. Well your non-urgent ortho surgery gets pushed down the line. So you have to wait another day or so to be operated on
  2. Sadly the AOA is doing its best to keep it alive. COMLEX is stupid on so many levels. RE Why: OMT is extremely lucrative since it's privately administered.
  3. Yes feasible. Class usually ends after 12 on Friday. Don't sue me if you book and you have something mandatory tho (although I don't remember there being any mandatory classes that week).
  4. Go to Mac Health Sci. Such a chill/easy program and everyone gets into med after because of all the circle jerking
  5. Last year it was ~190 offers total with 100 initial and then 90 waitlist. Don't forget that people will get waitlisted for Queens and get accepted elsewhere. Once the two weeks grace period for acceptance has expired a large portion of Queen's (and other school's) waitlist has been accepted elsewhere so the waitlist moves quickly.
  6. Go find Aetherus' profile. He posted a bunch of stats and ran a statistical analysis a while back (which you can also search in the Medical Student forum).
  7. That's why I think the QUARMS program at Queens is such a missed opportunity. Region lock it to rural Ontario and look for low SES / racially diverse candidates.
  8. 3.84 GPA is more than competitive. Ace CARS. That's the only one that really matters for most Canadian medical schools. Get 127/128 on everything else and 130 on CARS, which is easier said than done, and you'll be golden for everywhere. For your GPA it depends on the school. I think Queens is the only one that doesn't care about course level, so you could take extra years or a second degree with a full course load and still count towards your wGPA. Western requires the courses to be at your current level of study (ie: 500 if you're fifth year, etc).
  9. I was told they were matriculating more students this year but I'm not sure how they intend to accommodate the extra students. I think they're just opening up more spots since our classrooms can technically hold more, which means the size of the 2023 class will be larger without impacting the 100 or whatever. I'm fairly certain it was discussed in either the town hall or something similar but you'd be hard pressed to find concrete numbers online (classic Queens). 10 was the max I heard but it could be in the single digits. They could also offer to 10 candidates but only 5 take them. Similar to how Queen's gives out ~190 offers of admissions but the class size is only ~100.
  10. Should have said "MMTP" not ROC. They describe it here: https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students It's a program designed for military applicants. They do not subtract spots from the regular applicant pool but rather open up additional ones.
  11. Keep in mind this year they offered acceptance to more MMTP candidates (7-10) and 10 (I think) First Nations individuals so the 2023 class will be larger than the 2022 class. I got off the waitlist in late May and there's no reason people won't this year. If I were to hazard a guess people joined multiple Facebook groups to check out the classes and maybe ask questions, I know I would if I had multiple acceptances.
  12. I'm confused, are your IMG colleagues moving to Canada before matching? Or are these foreign trained docs (ie completed residency) who move to Canada before obtaining a job? I'd argue that it isn't the responsibility of Immigration Canada to determine the competitiveness of a job market, rather it's the responsibility of the immigrant to make sure they have a job lined up before immigrating. Plus I thought having a job in a country you're moving to is required for immigration unless things have changed since I moved.
  13. Yup there are definitely less learners. What you may be referring to is something like the plastics department. We have a fully staffed department at KGH but no residency program so while you can still do clerkship rotations there you can't match to Queens in plastics. However, this is helpful in other ways since the docs don't have any residents to hand off research to. The only reason you'll be working until 70 is if you want to. TBH you could pay off your debt in 5-10 years no problem if you decided that's what you wanted to do. Pick what makes you happy, if that's being with your family in UofT then do that. Don't get bogged down in the minor differences between schools.
  14. Queen's has every specialty at KGH? Not sure what you mean by that. Perhaps you meant more niche fellowships like neurosurgeon ped-onc? Or did you mean during clerkship? You will rotate through "satellite" hospitals for your clerkship rotations in things like fam med and EM if that's what you mean but I don't think that's exclusive to Queen's. As for research opportunities you'd be surprised how easy it is to get them if you just ask. Less learners means more docs have research projects that aren't being picked up. I imagine other major centres probably still have more though, not sure I can compare since I've only attended one medical school. Go where you'll be happy. While finances are important, I'd argue in the long run when you're making 300k a year 20k debt isn't going to be that big of a deal. Everyone is different though. Personally I'd rather attend a school that I'm happy with than save some cash on tuition, especially when they give out LOCs like candy.
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