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  1. There is no final button. If you submitted all your documents (uploaded to Minerva or emailed for Workbook), you are all set to go. Your Casper will also pop up on its own as a received score once they get it. Good luck!
  2. In case you all were wondering, last year the med-p waitlist moved to spot 34. This year is the first year with two campuses (gatineau campus only opens in Fall of 2020) so you can expect that to have an effect but still it does move quite a bit. Just hold tight and best of luck!
  3. Your rank should be on Minerva if you look up your application. I'm assuming this is for medp, so for the campus it may also be written there on minerva together with your rank. The two campuses is a new thing so your best bet is to contact the admissions office directly if it is not on Minerva.
  4. I know this was asked previously but I was just wondering if anyone heard anything about the incoming med class Facebook group? I know in the past it was usually created in mid-late April. Would be nice to have discussions on there with all the incoming students.
  5. Got in too! Updated on Minerva! Goodluck everyone else!
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