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  1. Last week for movement and this is just heartbreaking ..
  2. I'm really devastated too.. I really cant believe it, it usually goes to 11-12 at least. Im not even sure how far it will move at this point (if it even will)
  3. Usually the IP WL is way ahead of the OOP WL... is there any chance they are waiting to do it in blocks? Trying not to lose hope here
  4. just noticed this now as well.. I tried calling but phone seems to be busy.
  5. comment est ce que on peut savoir a quel rang la LA est rendu?
  6. congrats on Mcgill med! you're 6th on the WL IP at McGill dmd? are you looking to stay in med or go to dent if the WL moves?
  7. OOP just moved up again to 7th. What’s going on with IP!!
  8. OOP WL moved to 6th.. starting to get worried about IP...
  9. is the IP waitlist usually this low after almost 3 weeks? wondering if this year will be low because of the DAT requirement..
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