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  1. I got off the waitlist on May 9th and my deposit is due by June 6th. Hope there’s lots of movement!! Good luck with it everyone
  2. Thank you!! My cumulative GPA is 3.6/4.0 and my sub GPA is 4.0/4.0 or 4.1/4.3. My physiology grades were C+ (bombed that one lol), A, and A+ and my anatomy grade was B+. I’m applying from NL!
  3. Just got off the waitlist for Dal OT! Excited to meet everyone!
  4. Hi guys! I wrote the MCAT last summer and I really would rather not do it again (I think we can all collectively agree it is not a fun process) but I didn’t do great and scored in the 490s. I am a Canadian student with an honors degree and a 3.6 cumulative GPA (4.0 if first year is removed). Would rewriting it be worth it? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys! I noticed some of the other schools have a thread for the waitlist so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make one for Dal! Created this so we can keep each other updated on the movement of the list. Good luck everyone!
  6. The adjustment period at the beginning of university is brutal. I had a very high average in high school and when I went into my first year of university (straight into kin like you) that average dropped to a 68 and it was SO discouraging but it happens to the best of us! In contrast I just finished my last semester of kinesiology with an 88 average. Everyone is different but in my experience grades do seem to improve as you go through the degree program. So to answer your questions: 1. Grades got way higher in third year. First was terrible, second was ok, third and fourth were great. It takes a while to learn what works for you and developing good study habits can take time! Once you find your groove you’ll be laughing. 2. From what I saw in myself and my friends your grades are totally normal. My buddies and I all finished our first year with 60s and everyone (all graduating) is typically getting mid 70s - 90s now. 3. This is very subjective as different things work for different people. I made an effort to get to know the profs (sounds like you’re already doing this) and I used all the labs as a way to improve my understanding. That hands on experience can be valuable! When in lectures I focused on that the prof was saying and not what was on the slide so that way when I went to study there were two sets of notes - slides and anything the prof said. This worked the best. I also found making cue cards worked well when it came close to exams. This was very effective for me but what’s important is finding what’s best for you and your learning style! This comes with time. 4. DONT GIVE UP!! In first and second year I would have never imagined I’d get the grades I get now. University is a huge learning curve and it takes lots of patience and set backs to find your way. Kinesiology is a wonderful field and if physio is what you want then don’t give up on your goals! Also don’t worry about your GPA too much, it seems like grad schools look at the past 60 credit hours (can anyone confirm this?) so don’t worry too much about your first year grades, easier said than done I know. You have plenty of time yet. And be too hard on yourself and let yourself go out and have fun once in a while. The social aspect is superrrrr valuable in getting some of the inievitable uni stress out. Hope this is helpful. Best of luck with it!!
  7. Anyone know how fast or how much the Dal OT waitlist moves? I got waitlisted today!
  8. Haven’t heard anything yet and getting progressively more stressed
  9. Haven’t heard yet! I’m a maritime student and I emailed them a few weeks ago and apparently everyone should know by the end of April. Hopefully it’s soon because all this email refreshing is killing me!!
  10. I’m a maritime resident and my stress gets higher everytime I check my email (so basically every 5 minutes). Anyone in the same situation?
  11. I’m in the same boat! Not too too worried yet. I hear it comes out individually and isn’t an everyone gets accepted at once kind of thing if that helps at all
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