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  1. Hey, does the TCP phase of McGill's curriculum purely take place within the hospitals? Do they prepare you well for clerkship? Do students generally find TCP to be one of McGill's strongpoints?
  2. I was wondering if anyone could give an approximate estimate for the costs of starting med1, in terms of things like textbooks and equipment?
  3. Hello, I assume most people who post on this thread are experienced in carms and have done their electives. I know that the clerkship years vary from school to school in Canada and given their importance down the road I was wondering if someone can help clear a few things up. 1) What should someone look for in terms of electives if they are given multiple offers for different schools? 2) What are pre-carms electives (or maybe I should ask, what are the relevant timelines)? 3) Are you at a disadvantage if you complete medical school in one province but want to do residency in another? (similar to the quotas provinces have for medical school) Thank you!
  4. I suppose in terms of curriculum structure (at least in pre-clerkship), workload, research opportunities, overall student experience (if you did end up going there), and any flaws or downsides of each?
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any insight for deciding between these two schools for medical school? Any information would be appreciated!
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