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  1. Hey guys! For those admitted to McGill's PT QY, are you also not able to register for PHTH 550 and 551? When I try to register it says some sections are full so it won't let me register for these courses at all.
  2. That's interesting to hear since I've heard some others say you need to develop functional French. Do you know if it was easy for him to get english placements, or were they pretty limited?
  3. Hey guys, so I've gotten an offer for McGill's PT QY but I'm a little hesitant based on my French skills :P. I know that they say French is highly recommended, and I've also heard that there are specific french courses for health professionals that are offered. My only concern is that I don't even have basic French (although I'm planning to learn during summer), so I don't know if I can even do these courses from the getgo. Does anyone know exactly how proficient you have to be in French for the clinical placements? And if you don't know French, will it actually limit your clinical placements so much that it delays graduation or are there plenty of mostly English speaking placements? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Ok, that's reassuring haha. I think both schools just said March in general so I guess that still gives them two days?
  5. Hi guys, Is anyone still waiting for PT interview invites from alberta and dalhousie? Wondering if I should contact them to ask them about it :0
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