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  1. Hi guys! I am taking DAT this weekend and I'm pretty screwed because I was so busy with school work that I didn't have much time to study for this (especially bio and I'm really slow at memorizing stuff).. .so basically I have given up on this november DAT (but I will still attend since I paid and there is no refund) and planning to register for feb DAT... just wondering when do results come out when you take it in feb? is it in march or april? on the website it says it takes 8 weeks.. but I think for november one, it came out in december?
  2. Hi! I'm really confused as to how UBC will calculate your gpa? On their website, it says that you need to have at least 76% on all your upper level courses and they will calculate your most 15 courses! But when you go to the application (even though it's not opened, you can still view instructions etc.), it says that ALL upper year courses will be considered? Is there a mistake on their application OR did they change the requirement? When I talked to the OT program during the summer, it seemed like they were still going by the recent 15 courses rule.... Can someone confirm please?
  3. What's 3.86 in %? (sorry im not good with GPA scale)... also ubc here but I can't believe you didn't get an interview? also they count last 15 courses not 10?
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