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  1. Yes just an hour ago, I replied same day to confirm my attendance.
  2. Got the UBC PT interview confirmation email (interview was received Feb. 14)
  3. Hi, i studied for the casper for a few days (very little compared to others), but I believe general life experience plays a large role on how you look at scenarios, so depending on that, you may need more practice than me. theres free videos online where they go thru practice examples and tell you what to look out for and what to include in your answer. You want to ALWAYS consider all possibilities, and contemplate both sides of the coin. You also want to treat each person in the scenario fairly, and also show empathy. Also, and this comes with practice, allow yourself to make assumptions. There is no rule against that and it shows that you can think outside of the box!
  4. My name is at the front of the alphabet too, that may make a difference!
  5. as soon as I get a response either way, ill post. this is really nerve-racking
  6. Thanks for the reply, I had a question. Do you get a rejection at the same time if you didn't get an interview? Thanks
  7. Thanks for doing this! My question would be how much weight are given to practical references that evaluate ones interpersonal skills? Thanks again!
  8. This is a really strong app, im sure youll get in! UBC contacted my reference that I gave in the professional reference section. in that reference form, they asked how many hours volunteered there was.
  9. Ive applied to UBC as well this cycle. Theyre very secret about how they do anything; all we can do is speculate. But im sure they look at your whole application: grades, experience, references, and CASPER to make the decision.
  10. I also wrote the casper a couple weeks ago. I would definitely recommend those BeMo videos. just get a hang of how to analyze the question, rather than the question itself. during the casper theres not much time to really think hard about a scenario as you only have 5 minutes so definitely practice things to look out for when watching a scenario
  11. unfortunately, I think if your grade for a pre req falls below the required grade, they do not take your application into consideration.
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