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  1. even if they say 100/200 level courses accepted, id upgrade at the 300/400 level because at the end of the day, its competitive entry
  2. so they will go down the list semester by semester collecting grades. but say you're at 56 credits, and the next semester is 12 credits. if they took every course itd be 68 credits, but what they need is 60. so they will take the average of the 12 credit semester, and that will be the value for the remaining 4 credits
  3. its a complex question and requires much debate in my opinion. personally, i dont think it should be a doctorate. that would mean making it a 3 year program (right now the masters program is already condensed and if was not it would be 3 years easily), and that means more time in school, and more debt, to enter the practice. instead they should just add post graduation courses for those who want to more education. at the end of the day the "doctorate" is just in the name and not worth the extra debt and lost income as a clinician. also, i dont think that having a doctorate title would mean extra income either. thats just my 2 cents though, willing to consider other opinions though!
  4. Here is UBC's guidelines for international applicants: https://physicaltherapy.med.ubc.ca/prospective-students-2/international-applicants/international-mpt-applicants/ there is a maximum of 8 seats allocated to international students but i dont think they fill them each year. it is very competitive as UBC has in province preference. My advice would be create the best application possible and try! If it doesnt work out, explore other options. There are many students who go to the UK or Australia then come to canada and qualify themselves as physios. best of luck!
  5. It depends on the university. For example UBC looks at 300/400 level courses only when calculating competitive GPA (not including pre reqs which can be in any year as long as they are on the list of approved courses). Western looks at last 60 credits starting from the last semester you took. You will take many 300/400 level courses anyways in order to graduate from your bachelors and will probably have 45-60 upper division credits anways. if you have any other questions just let me know! For example, this is Westerns GPA calculation: "A calculation of the sub-GPA for admission purposes will be completed based on the final 60 units of university academic study (i.e., the equivalent of 10 full courses or 20 half courses) completed by December 31 of the fall term preceding the application deadline. Summer, part-time, intersession, distance education and undergraduate university courses taken beyond the four-year undergraduate degree are also included. Because the GPA does not include all university undergraduate courses, it is referred to as a sub-GPA. For applicants currently enrolled in the fourth year of a bachelor's degree program, this calculation starts with the applicant's final fall term grades (completed by December 31) and moves back in chronological order based on the courses listed on the transcript. Where grades must be extracted from a term to achieve the equivalent of 10 full courses, the average of that year (e.g., applicant's second year) will be use"
  6. They do matter. The personal work experience reference has questions relating to your ability to be a competent health professional. the academic references ask questions like how long have you known this student, how many courses have they taken with you, and what do you think their ability for research potential is, their intellectual capactiy, academic preparation, and all around ability. These references can make or break applications. When schools open up try getting in touch with professors and see if you can do some research? or take a few more classes and try to develop a good relationship with profs.
  7. im in the MPT program at ubc, and we're hybrid. labs and clinical skills in person(3-4 times per week), and lectures online. They're trying to get approval for an in person cadaver lab as well. might make a difference that the incoming class is only 80 people in vancouver
  8. Not a non science major but youre on the right track with taking the pre req courses. if you've never taken a science course before, youll have to start with 100 level courses which may be difficult to get entry into at UBC as most of them are restricted to KIN majors only. Id check beforehand which anatomy physiology courses are open. the 300 level ones always have space (caps 391/caps 301) but they require pre reqs to get into (first year science courses as well as calculus and chemistry etc...). As a non sci major, I think it would look better to have taken the upper level courses vs the lower level courses to show that you are competent with the material (no proof of this though, as the first year pre reqs are accepted). Try looking for universities that offer the courses only with less pre reqs if you can; they dont have to be at ubc. with the volunteering, if you're applying to fall 2022 you definitely want to start your volunteering NOW or early 2021 as universities like to see long term commitments when accumulating hours. You will also need 2 academic references and one practical reference, so make sure to make connection s during your volunteering time as well as during classes as these references can make or break your applications. if you have any other questions let me know! happy to provide assistance
  9. usually schools send out more acceptances than seats, knowing people will decline
  10. BC resident (UBC): getting BC/Canada student loans and going from there. I havent taken out student loans in the past so i think it may cover most of it, if not all
  11. dont forget to join the facebook UBC MPT 2022 group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/528059297887352/
  12. hey, we haven't hear anything on schedules yet, however you can find the usual map here: https://physicaltherapy.med.ubc.ca/current-students-2/curriculum/ due to covid there may be changes, just hit cirriculum and select MPT1 time table 2019-2021, but its not up to date info
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