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  1. i do think this is the case. no way could they send out all the invites and wait for people to pick northern cohort or van cohort. there must be a systematic way of sending out invites. I think they will send out batches of acceptances, and wait until people confirm a cohort. then send out another batch and so on.
  2. you have to be accepted to van cohort to be accepted to northern cohort. got my van cohort acceptance, but i didnt apply to northern
  3. hey if you can maintain a good average in the minor, go for it. UBC does not disclose how they evaluate an application, but GPA is a big part in their decision.
  4. BC resident. My GPA was around 3.9/4.33 ish (with a 4.0 being straight A's)
  5. good luck on PT interviews tomorrow everyone!
  6. I have applied to UBC and it has not impacted my application as I received an interview invite. UBC doesnt look at them. that being said, its not easy to score high in these classes and professors will tell you that up front
  7. I wouldn't say it puts you at a disadvantage at all. However having research experience is never a bad thing. What I did to get research experience is email profs that I had classes with to see if they had any spots for a undergraduate research directed study. This way I got research experience while at the same time getting credits towards graduation and GPA. It was really tough academically (doing classes+ doing research simultaneously) but it worked out.
  8. Yes just an hour ago, I replied same day to confirm my attendance.
  9. Got the UBC PT interview confirmation email (interview was received Feb. 14)
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