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  1. Hey, i hope you get off the waitlist and into the program! i had a question for you as ill be applying to ubc next cycle for PT. a 92% average, is that straight A+'s at UBC? thanks
  2. thank you very much for your input, i really appreciate it. On the UBC website it says this: "A competitive MPT admissions GPA will include: An applicant’s prerequisite courses in anatomy, human physiology, statistics and psychology An applicant’s most recent 30 credits of valid university senior level (300, 400, 500 level) academic courses Please note that senior level courses used to cover prerequisite requirements will only be counted once as part of the GPA calculation and will not be used a second time should they fall within the last 30 credits of senior level courses taken."
  3. Hi everyone, im a new member here, I will be applying to UBC next cycle. everyones gpa is super high im not feeling too confident in myself haha. i will be applying to UBC PT next year. As it sits, the 45 credits of my applying gpa for UBC are: 13 A's 1 B+ and 1 B.. could anyone advise on whether or not I should take more classes to improve the GPA? I am currently volunteering at a hospital where we do physical rehab. Also, I've done research (8 months) studying molecular interactions between placental and maternal tissues, to locate interactions that may be involved in certain pathologies. All the classes I took were some sort of genetics, molecular bio, or cellular biology, along with the required anatomy/physiology/stats/psyc courses ( ive been told UBC doesnt really look at the courses, which is great because I dont have any Kin courses) I posted here because it seems like this is an active page and would love to receive feedback from you all. thank you
  4. Hi, new member here. Applying for PT next cycle. I was wondering if places like UBC favour kin classes over say, molecular biology for PT/OT? Or is it all the same?
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