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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone! I've set up a meeting with PGME to discuss my options . Will update if I learn anything that may be of use to future residents in this situation
  2. Hello Daisy, where did you read that Ontario doesn't allow transfers in the last year of family? I have heard of this rule, but the transfer documents only indicate that transfer in the last 6 months is not allowed. That was originally my plan, to do family medicine for a few years, pay back my debt and get other parts of my life going, then attempt the re-entry program. However, there's really no info I could find on match rates for re-entry applicants. It also doesn't indicate if they would be part of the general match R1 stream, or would only participate in second iteration (which would be useless for specialties that have no remaining spots), or if is a completely different beast. Also I would have no idea how feasible it would be to get elective experience across Ontario as a licensed physician and not a learner. Bottom line is, it looks like no matter how hard an MD works to get clinical experience relevant to specialty X, they'll never have the chance given to an M4. Which makes sense I supppose, CaRMS is a one-shot game after all...
  3. Thanks for the responses! Second round application probably won't work since most spots in this specialty fill up first round. I've heard of the re-entry program for physicians who have practiced for at least a year, so might look into that as well. Talking to ppl who have transferred in the past, seems like the process can be quite short and easy... if there are ppl you know in the program and they like you. So not sure about bureaucratic hoops.
  4. Title sums it up. Applied to a 5 year specialty program last year without backing up and went unmatched. There were no spots in the specialty 2nd round so I went full family and ended up matching to rural FM. I'm very grateful to have matched at all, especially since I only did 3 weeks FM elective, however after a year of trying I still can't imagine doing FM for life. Is it even possible to transfer into the specialty I went for 1st round? If anyone's heard of instances of this happening, were there special circumstances (e.g. made connections with the right peeps, someone just happened to switch out of specialty #1)? Specialty I'm referring to had 1st match rate 65-75% if that helps. Any advice appreciated! Thanks
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