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  1. I think of it as something you've achieved vs something you've yet to achieve. If your progress on the project outweighs the impact of your award then you have to consider that.
  2. It would be pretty misleading to say second author when it was alphabetical. Is this a scientific article? I would probably specify it was done this way and thoroughly explain your role.
  3. I can't seem to find this, could you link me please?
  4. I'm really hoping to avoid that 2nd undergrad, but we'll have to just see. I've got a bunch of volunteering in the community (community center/first aid stuff) and I've got actual job experience at multiple hospitals (Co-op undergrad). Unfortunately for UBC I'm missing a half course in English, and need more undergrad grades to meet Calgary's cut off.
  5. Hard to gauge how much a 4% bonus converts to, but I'm sure every little bit helps! Good luck to you as well! I wish we had something similar! It's unfortunate that some med schools won't recognize my 5 year Biophysics PhD until the supp app or an interview.
  6. I appreciate all the replies! I'm very much trying to avoid doing a second undergrad, its the first suggestion that I always get to improve my app. I've been lucky during grad school and have come out as one of the top prospects at my University (Ontario), but still can't get away from the GPA for some of these med schools. - I didn't realize Queens only looked at most recent 2 years (and I noticed they give a bit of slack to grad students for GPA), but they still have a hard MCAT cutoff, so I'll have to improve that. - I'm still very confused as to how much UofT cares about research vs GPA. I make their 3.0 cutoff with a 3.2 but is that actually competitive, how good does my research have to be to make up for that. Who knows.. - With Dal I'd be chasing one of their few out of province spots, but they let me use my grad school GPA so I look much better on paper there. Can only apply and see I guess.
  7. I'm a Canadian (Ontario) med applicant with a PhD in a medicine heavy program (work in a hospital and run clinical trials), and would like to hear some of your thoughts on where/whether or not I'm competitive to Canadian medical schools. I have an extensive research profile but a very low GPA with an upward trend. Which schools do you think would favour my application? I'm not very informed on US schools, but if you have some insight on that I'd appreciate it as well. Hoping to stay in Canada. I'll summarize my app below: GPA: Y1: 2.9, Y2: 2.7, Y3: 3.5, Y4: 3.7, Grad school: 3.9. (Depending on where I apply, my GPA changes a lot. UofT I have a 3.2, but at Dalhousie I have a 3.8) MCAT: 507 (126 cars), re-writing this June. Notable accolades: ~8+ publications (3 first author - clinically intensive project) ~35 peer-reviewed abstracts ~20 presentations (10 international, 10 oral presentations) ~$3000 in conference awards ~$130,000 in scholarships (OGSx4 & CGSD-NSERC - second highest research scholarship in Canada behind Vanier) Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
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