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  1. @OTMACPLS Best of luck to you as well! If you end up having to reapply next year, I would be happy to compare/review personal statements and CVs! Having an extra set of eyes look them over would be so helpful. Hopefully, you get in so this won't be necessary!
  2. @OTMACPLS Thanks so much! I'm pretty positive that I didn't get in this year due to my application being a mess. Since I'm expecting it, the blow shouldn't be so bad next week! I've done some additional volunteering since applying, so I believe my application will be much stronger next cycle! A western prof has also agreed to be my thesis supervisor, so hopefully, that will help. I will just have to conquer CASPER! I plan to start the application much earlier next cycle, as well, to ensure that it's polished and perfected!
  3. I did not receive an email from Queens regarding scholarships, but I applied for OT, not PT. I'm also probably not the best person to listen to, as I am basically certain that I'm not getting in this year (due to an unpolished CV that I submitted while I was very sick). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Have any OT applicants received emails about scholarships?
  4. Thanks so much- I'm looking forward to the next application cycle!
  5. Hi Everyone, I just have a quick question! I'm planning to apply to Western University's OT program next year, and I've been looking at the website to prepare. I haven't read anything about references. Are references required for Western University, or is admission just based on Sub GPA, personal submissions, volunteer experience and CASPER score? Thanks!
  6. Applied + (PT or OT?): Queen's 1st Time (OT)Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected: Queens (as expected)GPA:c-gpa: 3.77 s-gpa: 3.94 Perceived Strengths: While I've done a lot of volunteering with various organizations and supported children and youth with disabilities in recreational programs for 5+ years, I was very sick at the time that the application was due and had to scramble to get it in. I think my essays were okay (not great) and references were good, but I looked back at the CV version I submitted and saw that it had some alarming grammar mistakes and was poorly organized. Unfortunately, it was the best I could do, as I was not feeling like myself. I am fully expecting to be rejected because of this, but I'm wondering, has anyone heard back from Queens OT? I would just like to get it over with at this point. I'm looking forward to reapplying next year and I wish all of this year's applicants the best of luck!