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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm planning to reapply to OT school next year and am looking to prepare my personal submissions before the application opens up in the fall. I'm wondering, do the personal submission questions stay the same each application year? Thanks!
  2. @OTMACPLS Best of luck to you as well! If you end up having to reapply next year, I would be happy to compare/review personal statements and CVs! Having an extra set of eyes look them over would be so helpful. Hopefully, you get in so this won't be necessary!
  3. @OTMACPLS Thanks so much! I'm pretty positive that I didn't get in this year due to my application being a mess. Since I'm expecting it, the blow shouldn't be so bad next week! I've done some additional volunteering since applying, so I believe my application will be much stronger next cycle! A western prof has also agreed to be my thesis supervisor, so hopefully, that will help. I will just have to conquer CASPER! I plan to start the application much earlier next cycle, as well, to ensure that it's polished and perfected!
  4. I did not receive an email from Queens regarding scholarships, but I applied for OT, not PT. I'm also probably not the best person to listen to, as I am basically certain that I'm not getting in this year (due to an unpolished CV that I submitted while I was very sick). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Have any OT applicants received emails about scholarships?
  5. Thanks so much- I'm looking forward to the next application cycle!
  6. Hi Everyone, I just have a quick question! I'm planning to apply to Western University's OT program next year, and I've been looking at the website to prepare. I haven't read anything about references. Are references required for Western University, or is admission just based on Sub GPA, personal submissions, volunteer experience and CASPER score? Thanks!
  7. Applied + (PT or OT?): Queen's 1st Time (OT)Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected: Queens (as expected)GPA:c-gpa: 3.77 s-gpa: 3.94 Perceived Strengths: While I've done a lot of volunteering with various organizations and supported children and youth with disabilities in recreational programs for 5+ years, I was very sick at the time that the application was due and had to scramble to get it in. I think my essays were okay (not great) and references were good, but I looked back at the CV version I submitted and saw that it had some alarming grammar mistakes and was poorly organized. Unfortunately, it was the best I could do, as I was not feeling like myself. I am fully expecting to be rejected because of this, but I'm wondering, has anyone heard back from Queens OT? I would just like to get it over with at this point. I'm looking forward to reapplying next year and I wish all of this year's applicants the best of luck!
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