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  1. I believe it means you are most likely accepted into the program - I think the reason they state that it’s not an offer of admission is only because they cannot disclose anything officially until May 17
  2. Yes, that’s right. But I haven’t received any emails like the one that you received on May 10 to active the ACORN account. I’m wondering whether this may indicate some bad news for me
  3. I applied for OT and haven’t received any emails. Did anyone else receive an email?
  4. Would you mind sharing how you gained access to the ACORN account without being a UofT student?
  5. Just wondering whether anyone with a sGPA 3.75 is seeing the “invited” notification on their UofT student account? From my understanding, I believe it is a really good sign and may potentially indicate acceptance into the program. I believe a few individuals are able to see this, and all of them have higher sGPA’s than a 3.75. Since that’s what my sGPA is, I am wondering how my chances are looking. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance
  6. Hi everyone! I have been reading a few posts from students sharing their cGPA & sGPA. I noticed that majority have sGPA of 3.9’s and cGPA of 3.7/3.8. I applied to UofT for OT and the program website mentioned that the average for last year’s class was a 3.7. From what ORPAS calculated, my cGPA is 3.2 and sGPA is 3.75 I understand there’s no way to really know for sure until I hear back from the university, but I was just curious whether I even stand a good chance considering how competitive it seems to have gotten this year. Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi! I highly doubt it’ll impact your application by much. I heard mistakes happen all the time in applications, so they may just disregard it. The worst that I think may happen is they might just stop reading after the second page of your resume. On top of that, they weigh your grades more heavily than the other materials, so you still have a really good chance!
  8. I am on the same boat as you. I have only applied to two OT schools (Mac being one of them), so I am also wondering what my chances of getting accepted into the other one (UofT) is looking like. Were you put on the waitlist for the MMI? And if you don’t mind me asking, what was your cGPA / sGPA. I am concerned because Mac sends out invitations to 300 applicants whereas UofT accepts only 130, so I don’t know if my chances of getting accepted to UofT are very slim now that I was waitlisted (and eventually rejected) for the MMI. On the other hand, I know that everyone applies to Mac because they don’t require anything besides a transcript so it may also be more competitive for that reason. Any thoughts?
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