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  1. Just a heads up, there is apparently a wind storm in Nova Scotia and the power is out and according to twitter Dalhousie University was closed this afternoon. There may be a delay with the invites.
  2. Last year interviews came out on Oct. 18. In previous years it has been the third week of October, but it will definitely happen before the end of October. Sometimes the adcom is a little late with things -- like this past year for the offers in March, it came out later in the month than in previous years. I know it's so hard waiting! Hang in there, guys!
  3. Historically, Adcom only emailed the people who didn’t make the CASPer cutoff. So hopefully not hearing about CASPer is a good thing and you receive an invite email later this week! :) Best of luck to everyone!
  4. It isn’t listed on there. CASPer is so anxiety provoking because it’s hard to know if it actually sent. It’s a challenging time right now because you’re waiting. If you can, just try and focus on other things you will hear if you got an interview in a few short weeks. I would focus on practicing for that!
  5. Yes, that is true when you look at the numbers overall, from every discipline, but not when you are looking at a specialized program like General Surgery. If you look at the CARMS Data for CMGs (see below), there are only about 4-6 spots in General Surgery residency spots per school per year. Some Gen Surg programs have only 2-3 spots per year. The school with the highest number of residency spots in General Surgery is at U of T, and the number of spots is 10. https://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2019_r1_tbl27e.pdf For IMGs, it's only 4-5 spots for General Surgery in the entire country (see below). https://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2019_r1_tbl28e.pdf There are currently 1100 medical residents from Saudi Arabia across all R years and schools and disciplines. In any one application year, there might be ~200 S.A. residents across all of the disciplines (family, internal, the various surgical and non surgical specialities) across all of the schools. McGill has 225 S.A. residents across all years, all specialities. So, there are not loads and loads of trainees from Saudi Arabia in General Surgery. General Surgery residency programs tend to be quite small -- around 4-6 residents per year per school. There might be one student per year of those who is from Saudi Arabia. The original poster is aiming for 1 or 2 spots within a very select number of General Surgery programs -- and likely not from McGill or McMaster.
  6. When you say you're an IMG -- what school did you go to? When did you graduate? You may find that you will have a very difficult time matching to a Canadian general surgery specialty. Last year (2019), 83/83 spots in general surgery were filled in the first iteration. Of the 83, only 4 spots were given to IMGs. One at Ottawa, and 3 at Toronto. The year before that (2018) again only 4 spots for IMGs - 1 at Ottawa, 2 at Toronto, 1 at Manitoba. In 2017, there were 5 IMGs that matched to General Surgery -- 1 at Ottawa, 3 at Toronto, 1 at Manitoba. 2016 - 4 IMG General Surgery spots across Canada - 1 Ottawa, 3 Toronto 2015 - 5 IMG General Surgery spots across Canada - 1 Ottawa, 3 Toronto, 1 Manitoba All of this data (and previous years data) is available on the CARMS website. It seems like in the last 5 years, an IMG has never been accepted to either of the programs you mentioned. You may want to call the McMaster and McGill general surgery programs and ask if they actually take IMGs. Even then, it will be extremely competitive.
  7. It likely won't be until around the time the interviews come out. Last year interviews came out on Oct. 18. In previous years it has been the third week of October, but it will definitely happen before the end of October.
  8. Lol sorry I didn’t mean it to sound that way - the Frederick Sanger guy posts a LOT on the forums (he’s running some sort of get-into-med-school business I think) but some of it is not right.
  9. I would contact the Adcom for the universities you are thinking of and get a direct answer for them before making decisions. If you are committing to a second undergrad, you want to make sure that you are following all the rules for the different universities to maximize your chances.
  10. For the supplemental section, they contacted verifiers post-interview in previous years. Last year for OOP interview invites, you needed to make the GPA cutoffs (3.7 in each year evaluated), MCAT cutoffs (Minimum TOTAL score of 503 AND a minimum score of 124 in each section for OOP), the CASPer cutoff (the minimum CASPer score of greater than 1.5 standard deviations below the applicant category mean) and then your maritime connection essay was evaluated and given a score. I believe this is the same this year. Most OOP applicants who were given an interview had an MCAT that was higher than 503 (you can look through last year's interview thread for examples) but that was the minimum. After interviews, the supplemental essays and materials are added into the score and your verifiers are contacted. The breakdown of the scoring at that point is posted here: (https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/application-process/application-scoring.html)
  11. Last year when they released the interviews, they asked for your preferred time and location then. If you were on the interview wait-list, then you were assigned a time and were not allowed to choose. I hope this helps!
  12. Hi there, For the CASPer cutoff last year, the adcom contacted people who did NOT make the cutoff sometime in late Sept/early Oct, before the release of the interview. If you contact adcom directly, they will tell you whether or not they have sent out that email yet, but I think they usually do that towards the end of September. I hope this helps!
  13. Hey @Frederick Sanger, I get that you're trying to be helpful to pre-med students, but this statement is actually incorrect for Dal. Please make sure that before you post "advice" that it's actually correct. For Dalhousie Medicine, it depends on the program. Like @yeeewww said above, if it's a Masters or PhD degree, they want you to be finished before starting medical school and you need to have your degree completed before July 30 of the year you are entering. It's not about the programs getting "very upset" -- they simply won't let you start without finishing the program. So if you were applying this cycle and in a Masters or PhD program, you would need to show that your program was complete by July 30, 2020. The exact wording is: "All degree requirements of graduate programs (including coursework, clinical practica, thesis defence and final thesis submission to your Faculty of Graduate Studies) must be completed by July 30 of the year of entry to medical school. Failure to do so will result in an offer of admission being rescinded." For other non-graduate degrees, there are several students in the current Med1 class that dropped out of their programs (second undergrad, pharmacy, etc) when they were accepted to Dal and adcom and the programs didn't have a problem with it. If you are unsure, I always recommend contacting Dal's adcom directly. They are so nice and will clarify things.
  14. There are generally 9 out of province seats for Dalhousie Medicine. I know that for the 2022 class, a few more were admitted into the New Brunswick campus seats in Saint John. Yes, each year they interview approximately 50 OOP people.
  15. He’s not practicing medicine thank goodness - he’s just spent a bunch of money on a medical degree from the Caribbean, and now he’s applying to residency programs and getting rejected. The agencies in the US are well aware of his background. He’s a pathological liar and there’s now a news article which broadcasts his troubling behaviour. I don’t think anyone would choose to have this person in their residency program after reading this. I hope he never gets in anywhere; he’s obviously very narcissistic, selfish and self-serving. He shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near vulnerable psychiatric patients.
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