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  1. So basically what that means is if everyone they offered the admission to accepts the offer then those who haven't received the email will get rejected on June 13th?
  2. But what exactly did they say in their response if you don't mind quoting it?
  3. you're making people feel more discouraged with posts like this one here. This is the same thing as the interview all over again where they give a first wave of invites then give a second wave a week later. For those who haven't received an email yet, posts like these make us feel like we've been rejected.
  4. I'll be flying to Vancouver on the 3rd of May I'm down to meet up and practice the weekend before.
  5. I'm actually curious if they already sent out the second round of emails and now their giving them another week to reply before sending out a third round. Idk how this works but theres gotta be a deadline.
  6. I have a feeling the email could go out any second tbh what time does their office close?
  7. Seriously i've been waiting for my rejection email so i can finally get this off my chest and stop refreshing my emails. i don't know whats taking them so long to send them out. Their giving us false hope.
  8. Did they even mention anywhere there is even a "first round" I'm just speculating based on the posts above. They may have already sent out all the invitations, but if we haven't gotten rejected yet, I'm assuming they're waiting til people reply before the 7th based on ur email with Carol I guess.
  9. Thats very strange because i haven't gotten an email at all yet.
  10. Wait they already gave the rejections too? did they give you a reason for the rejection?
  11. A lot of keeners post on here too. Don't get too discouraged until you actually get the email of rejection.
  12. Why are you all acting like you didn't get in when they haven't even emailed the interview decisions fully yet it was only one round.
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