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  1. Hi all, I have completed a bachelor's degree in engineering at UdeM with an overall GPA of 3.50/4.0, and some industry experience. I am considering applying next year in dentistry/medicine at McGill, however I'm not sure if my GPA is competitive enough for these two programs. I'd like to know what you think and if you have stories about people getting in with a GPA similar to mine. Thanks!
  2. Hey, je compte appliquer en MD/DMD l'an prochain avec un bac en génie de Poly. Une moyenne de 3.5/4.0 donnerait-elle une CRU suffisamment compétitive pour l'un (ou les deux) de ces deux programmes? Merci!
  3. Hey, 3.5/4.0 à Poly ça donne des chances comment de rentrer en DMD à l'UdeM? Thanks!
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