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  1. Hey everyone, I was looking around and it seemed like a lot of the threads were older, but I'd love to ask if anyone was comfortable sharing their experiences with mental illness during medical school/residency and what it was like. I'm still a pre-clerk but have had some bad depression & anxiety (which I am getting treatment for, counseling, etc.), but it's still incredibly difficult to deal with in a very high-achieving environment. I'm not so interested in how it affects your applications, etc, and disclosing as there was a thread on that earlier. As some of you may be well aware, mental illness can feel extremely isolating so I'm sure some people lurking around would also benefit from hearing stories. If people would be open to sharing their story dealing with the adversity in medical school, experiences with medication, clerkship experiences with mental illness, motivation to study while ill, how to 'take it easy' / go slower compared to others, specialty choices with an illness, etc., I think it would be super useful and motivating. Thanks in advance!!
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