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  1. Is this assuming you get a job afterwards though from the 3 year NGEP? Because if you don't, wouldn't that be wasted effort
  2. What about if you said palliative care? Does it get treated the same as saying you want to do a +1 in EM?
  3. i.e. following algorithms is a major part of your discipline
  4. Ex: a note about atrial fibrillation - do you use particular colors for treatment/management, diagnosis/workup, H&P? Or if you don't highlight, how do you organize your notes?
  5. How will this work for NOSM if away electives are taken away? I don't think they offer electives in every specialty?
  6. Great ideas! Can you recommend any good pair of noise cancelling headphones?
  7. Any purchase whether it was lifestyle productivity something that made you feel good
  8. Hey guys, I was just wondering what happens after you fail an OSCE (in general for the school you went to - I know it's different for every school)? I feel like I just ran out of time on a few stations and got flustered near the end unfortunately Do you only have 1 shot for a re-do and if you fail that, you have to repeat the year?
  9. Thank you so much. I have tried that stuff, I don't have a problem having surface level relationships with my classmates, it's just the deeper connections that I don't have, like someone you'd call randomly after class to chill with I know this is temporary, but I just feel like an outsider in my class C'est la vie I guess.
  10. Yes I've done some exploring in my city, and even made some friends because of this (not from my class). But I'm still sad that I haven't made any tight friendships with my classmates, and I just feel bad that I have this vibe of "Just here to get my degree" but in reality, I'd probably feel more lonely trying to fit in with these groups of students in my class Thank you for your words, I do hope residency gets better
  11. I'm currently a 1st year med student and I've just been feeling so down lately. I feel so alone and like I don't fit in with my classmates. I had to move out of province for med school, and I thought it'd be an adventure but it's been so hard. They're all perfectly nice and I can be cordial with them, we just don't click and it really feels like high school to me. The only social activities are parties, bars or club events, which I'm not interested in. My classmates are more privileged than me, so I don't know if this contributes to my feeling of isolation. This is just a small example, but if they're talking about exotic destinations they've traveled to, I can't relate at all and can only smile and make small comments like "Wow that sounds like a cool place". In one on one settings I'm fine, but I kind of struggle with group settings because I just don't fit in. My friends from college and family are good supports, but I'm out of province so obviously I can't see them that much. I still keep in touch with my friends back home, but it's hard because we can't see each other as often. It hurts because I made a close knit group of friends in college, but I couldn't do the same in medical school. I'm introverted and rather shy, my interactions feel superficial and I don't have a connection to 99% of my class, and the 1% I do, I can't see that often because everyone is busy. But I can't help but feel some sadness that at the end of these 4 years, I haven't made any tight bonds with my classmates and I just don't fit in. I've seen a few counselors but they haven't been that helpful for me. Does anyone have any advice or just been through something similar?
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