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  1. Why can’t they just email us ALL and tell us whether we are waitlisted or got an interview - this entire UofT type trolling and keeping us on our toes till the last day is cruel LOL
  2. Hello, I received a campus selection preference email sometime back, and I vaguely remember filling it out. Did UofT follow-up with students that have not submitted their preference yet or confirm if someone's preference has been received? Kinda spinning in circles from this self-isolation/stress ahah, so if anyone has received any update from UofT post-interview, please let me know! Thanks
  3. I agree w/ @MedicineLCS... I did it online and we had 2 minutes to prepare as soon as the question came up. And then 5 mins to present and a 2 minute follow-up...... No advantage there whatsoever. The only type of person who had an 'advantage' doing it over Kira Talent is someone who might feel a bit anxious doing it in real life. The other advantages are mainly with regards to time and cost of having to go all the way to Kingston. Overall, I didn't run into that many technical issues but had minor glitches here and there and a major crash in the middle which prompted me to email Queens. However, it didn't really affect my performance all that much.
  4. If it is weighed that heavily, why would the admissions committee remove it for applicants that have an average MMI? If it was weighed heavily, someone could offset an average/poor MMI with a good panel...
  5. Yeah, I heard from someone in the adcom that it IS USED for red flags. Queens uses it to grill you on your ABS to ensure you didn't make stuff up, which a lot of people tend to do.
  6. Count me in, I had difficulties during my test and even EMAILED them during it... It was more stressful and distracting than it had to be. I think that Queen's should follow the other schools that give automatic interviews if you dont get in this cycle.
  7. So I hear that the queen's MMI is unique and challenging. DO you guys know if they will provide their own questions through Kira Talent or will the questions be created by Kira Talent and they'll just give us all a score and send it to queen's (like Casper)?
  8. As someone that interviewed in Feb, I have to say this is some horsesh*t. If they don't make any adjustments to the scoring, they're being mega unfair to those who came in person and had 4 raters glaring them down during the process. But the biggest issue is cheating, anyone can have friends to help them brainstorm points and you are just parroting answers. But on the other hand, it is also a bit of a disadvantage to those who are conversational as it's very robotic to just recite an answer and it's less personable. Regardless, there are pros and cons, and they should just make it into a different pool of seats/interviewees altogether.
  9. and here I am replaying everything that I said that was stupid in my interviews.....
  10. To all premeds/med students/residents, Amidst the cancellations of classes and med interviews being online, I decided to destress a bit by gaming more. Anyone want to play COD/NBA over xbox? PM me your gamertag and we can rant about what's going on (or whatever it is) over some video games RF123
  11. It's interesting, I know someone specifically who saw a 2/5 being circled and he still got in last year! Don't stress
  12. Here's a bright idea. We're headed into a pandemic and we need more doctors, might as well just accept all of us. Who agrees?
  13. The 12 included follow ups. I think 2-3 of the 10 questions had follow ups
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