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  1. Yep, I'm IP Quebec. No MCAT scores. I emailed them, however, I will let you guys know what they said.
  2. Guys, I am in IP-Qc resident. The MCAT is optional for me, however, this "test scores" section DOESN'T show up for me. I released my MCAT scores on AAMC to McGill a while back, however, this option isn't there. Any advice?
  3. Is there a character/word limit to the following questions on the CAF? On the CAF, your references will be asked to respond to the following: Would this applicant make a good physician? Rate the applicant on each of the following attributes: Communication skills Problem-solving skills Professionalism (e.g., commitment to ethical practice, standards of behaviour and accountability to others) Empathy (e.g., demonstrating consideration of others’ perspectives) Identify and comment on 1 area of improvement for the applicant. Share any other information you feel may be relevant to a medical school’s admission committee.
  4. Hello, Does Mac Med add the 1% bonus if you're midway through your masters? Or do you have to have a masters degree completed before the application? Also, do course based masters degrees count? Thx
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