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  1. Does anyone have any insight on why some people are given only 2 weeks notice and others are receiving invitations for later spots.... If you receive your interview invite with less notice, does it mean you were on a waitlist? I'm just wondering if this reflects a lower pre-interview score/ranking.... FYI, I received mine on the 14th for the 29th of Feb. Thanks
  2. How do you know this? Certain test prep companies mention that leaving blank responses doesn't make a difference, it is sad because I followed that advice and got rejected from every casper school I have applied to this cycle, despite having a good gpa/MCAT/ECs.... very disappointed.
  3. I'm very sceptical about this CASPER exam, I hate to rant about this but I'm seeing people on this forum and close friends that I know (who are great people) getting rejected with crazy high stats to schools that require this bloody exam. It's really not a fair assessment of "personality" especially given the bias against people that type fast and the lack of clarity on how it's marked. Also, I don't think I'm a bad person. I've worked extensively with special needs students and collaborated with families as a hospice volunteer for over 5 years and my feedback has always been positive. Maybe schools should stop asking people "What would you do? and focus more on "what have you done?". I just got an R as well, so perhaps I'm just salty haha...
  4. So..... who's having trouble sleeping tonight?
  5. McGill doesn't require LORs. Your main issue will be in trying to obtain an interview, as 3.6 is rather low and academics account for 70%. Do you have a professional degree in dietetics/nursing/ that can help! A friend of mine last year had around a 3.8, and ranked 380ish/850 in the academics section..... so you need to absolutely kill Casper and have an amazing CV (which account for 20% and 10% of pre-interview scores respectively) to have a shot! But it's possible, yes.
  6. Hello, Just panicking a bit, but I missed the part on the ABS where I had to provide a reference to publications/accepted papers. Under the "type of publication" heading, I just said "Co-author to paper that was accepted to the XX journal." I did not add a reference. Should I call Ottawa/Western/Uoft/Queens?? I know this is super late into the process... but wondering what you guys think...
  7. I absolutely despised that section. Never felt confident, always doubted myself. Practice is key, try out different strategies! First, try to read the questions first before tackling the paragraph so your mind is primed to look for certain clues while you read. But overall, practice is key. Do 3-4 passages a day, and gauge whether or not you're improving! I used JW for a couple months and was able to increase my score from a 510 (129/125/127/129) to a 516 (129/128/130/129) !! CARS was definitely the score I am the most grateful for, it's tough and very unpredictable.
  8. I go to Mac and I don’t have that row! I have nothing that indicates that I applied?! Anyone else that goes to Mac?
  9. It means Good Luck ! Joking, I called them up and they confirmed it's the initials of the verifier~
  10. Yeah, I am curious to hear where you got this stat. With the wGPA UofT implements, it can change your gpa quite a lot!
  11. I am not sure I agree with the "you're really interested in and make you genuinely grow as a person would be great." While this is important, and helps you stand out, it should also be said that with almost everyone having 90th percentile MCATs and crazy high GPAs, you need to show competitive long-term involvement in high ranking ECs to help you stand out. For example, being part of a club as a member vs the founder makes a difference, you could grow in both positions and show passion and interest, however one is much more prestigious and reflects better. Same thing, playing squash once a week because you're passionate about health and fitness vs. being on the provincial team for squash and winning gold is very different. Perhaps I could be wrong, I am also applying this year, but the upper years I know that get into EC heavy schools all have done a lot more than being in clubs and volunteering at hospitals. But the above posts are right, start with something you enjoy and try pushing as far as you can in the activity throughout your UG.
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