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  1. I got my offer on a Wednesday and had to pay the deposit and sign a form (I may be forgetting some stuff) by the following Friday, and I think most people had a similar time frame to accept. Just a little over a week. Hope that helps!
  2. Anyways I got my acceptance letter on June 26! Congrats to everyone else that got in so far, if you haven't yet, be hopeful as there are still a couple rounds left I think. See ya guys at orientation and in September!
  3. In the invite email it says there are four questions so if I had to guess, they made do 3 verbal and 1 written? Completely guessing though, I'm not sure if they have to ask a written question or if they can do all verbal etc.
  4. Just made an account to say that interview invites were sent out today but I see you guys already know! Good luck to everyone, I'm hella nervous about the interview
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