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  1. Is that the MPH or is it a bachelors degree?
  2. I genuinely believe that had I taken full course load and benefitted from special calculations I would be very competitive ( wgpa would be aprox 3.78). Also I went through some financial crisis mid way and uoft environment did not help my cause. Im looking at the undecided program at york, such that I cna complete some of the course requirements for the states and also transfer into kinesiology thereafter. Have heard great things with regards to marks at york, and they do benefit from the same marking scheme as uoft and other big universities. If there are more preferred programs though Id be glad to know.
  3. Hi all, so I completed my neuroscience BSc at uoft with a 3.59 cGPA and did not take full course load AND my fourth year is my worst performance. So I was thinking of doing it all over again starting from scratch. But my worries are that my previous bachelors gets looked at. Anyone have any advice, as to why I should or should not do this? Or even where to attend for the second bachelors?
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