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  1. Hey all, After just turning 30, the appeal of being a hard bodied, dirt covered, working class man vanished and I decided to return to school in the fall. As a non-trad I'm not too worried about fitting in with the younger kids as I've been told that I look young. Neither am I too concerned about my ability to do the work, as I've finished my first year (with some struggle) with pretty decent grades. Nothing special, but nothing that could irreparably hurt my chances when applying med school. What does concern me is potentially having to uproot my life to move to a far away Med school, and then perhaps having to move Again for residency. Getting in to U o T would really be the best case scenario, as I wouldn't need to move, or really have to worry about residency since I already live within the city. McMaster would be a close second, though I would prefer not driving to Hamilton for class. So now this brings me to my question: Does U of T accept non-academic non-trads? I haven't really seen any in the recent years. I ask this because I browsed the non-trad success stories looking for other non-trad U of T acceptances, and many of them seem to have come from some sort of academic/scientific background, such a master's program/ PhD/ research etc. When I say non-academic non-Trad I mean a non-trad with only an undergrad, competitive GPA, and MCAT score.
  2. Probably pick up a hobby and see how much progress I can make in 1 year. Work part time, go to the gym and get shredded. Chill with friends and family on down time.
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