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  1. Should I add research that is almost completed but not yet in the supplemental section? I put so much time into it and it is medically related so I would like to include it but I'm not sure if that's okay/what to put if it is.
  2. I think everyone's argument here is that they are breaking the rules by accepting their medical school offers without finishing their graduate program. I for one feel that if these individuals are deemed acceptable to the admissions committee based on their GPA, MCAT, extra circulars and interview then they should be accepted. That is, if they are not breaking and rules. However, if the rules of applying are breached, they shouldn't be allowed in. No grey areas, plain and simple black and white. I would hope that Dalhousie has enough accountability to ensure that these students they accepted are held to the same standard as someone in another graduate or masters program. Sure it's upsetting for us on the waitlist, but at the end of the day they scored higher applications than we did meaning they saw them as more fitting then us. I'm ok with being ranked behind people, and I'm sure other people are too. This isn't the majority of us being salty about that. Although, I would also hope that all 1000+ applicants are held to the same standard based on the rules outlined by Dal. And if you're upset on the waitlist think about this. Imagine being someone dying to get into pharmacy only to lose your spot to someone who uses the program as a backup plan for a single year and jumps ship to go to medical school. That's what upsets me the most.
  3. Well my fellow NS applicants, looking unlikely based on my score but hoping this will provide some valuable insight about your chances for those higher up on the waitlist.
  4. I'm assuming you mean source. And my second cousin is a Dal med student
  5. I don't think this will disqualify you. Based on my understanding they take your most recent 60 credit hours. So in your case you'll be eligible due to taking 60 over the last two years. But, to calculate your actual GPA it will be 45 of those credit hours. Then from the times you weren't full time your most recent 15 credit hours. Based on the statement made by them that's what makes sense, although I could be wrong. There is a lot of time until the next application cycle. So I'm hoping they find a happy medium where those who still managed to do well don't feel this is working against them and have the opportunity to use their winter 2020 grades, and those who didn't do so well based on the circumstances have the option to drop these courses. Only time will tell.
  6. I think one thing we can agree on is this year has been such an anomaly that we probably cannot go based on what's happened previous years.
  7. I think this would be Fall 2019, Winter 2019, Fall 2018, Winter 2018
  8. Just to follow up and for reference for others: 2019: Thursday March 14th about 2 pm 2018: Monday March 5th about 10:15 am 2017: Tuesday March 14th about 10:50 am 2016: Wednesday March 16th about 9 am 2015: Tuesday March 17th about 11 am 2014: Tuesday March 11th about 12:15 pm 2013: Thursday March 7th about 11 am 2012: Monday March 5th about 12:30 pm 2011: Monday March 7th about 10:15 am 2010: Monday March 15th about 9:45 am Everything before here goes back to May. Hopefully that ain't us!
  9. It varies from year to year I think but if you really want to know check out the pinned accepted/rejected/waitlist thread and just go look at the first post in March of each year. Should give you a good idea!
  10. Hopefully for their sake they can get everything completed in time. I do not envy the issues that a masters student would encounter during this pandemic.
  11. I would assume they would be very lenient based on these circumstances for masters students.
  12. There is a lot of time between now and the next application cycle so hopefully they find a plan to be flexible with this semester in order to be fair to everyone. Scrapping it all together isn't the right thing to do at all. Lots of time for tweaks to be made!
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