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  1. Hey everyone, I got accepted to PT at Western and Queens and was placed on the UofT waitlist. I honestly think UofT would be my first choice, but I dont want to risk not accepting an offer and then not getting into UofT from the waitlist. It looks like I can provisionally accept an offer to possibly tell western that I would like to go to UofT if I get in off the waitlist, but I don't know how to go about doing this. From ORPAS: "Only 1 offer of admission may be accepted at a time; however, if you provisionally accept an offer, you may indicate that you wish for your applications to other rehabilitation sciences programs in the same discipline to remain active." - Does this mean what I think it means? For reference, I have to accept an offer by May 31st and UofT only contacts waitlist people after June 1st. (I was also fairly high on the waitlist, so there is a pretty good chance). Thanks for the help !
  2. Applied + (PT or OT?): Queens, McMaster, UofT, Western - ALL PTAccepted: QUEENS, WESTERNWaitlisted: UOFTRejected: MACGPA: sGPA: 3.86Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I think my references are fairly strong. My professional reference is the owner of the physio clinic I volunteered at, while my academic reference is the professor I worked with in the summer and then did my 4th year research project with. Volunteer experience: two physio clinics ~140 hours total, cardiac rehab ~40 hours, biomechanics research lab ~700 hours, motion ball (sports tournament for students with disabilities) ~ 10 hours, student exec of residence building in first year ~ 250 hours, exec on intramural committee ~ 100 hours. Essays: Seemed to take me forever to write, but I think they are fairly solid. Note: interviewed for McMaster and invited to CAP at UofT.
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