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  1. Do you know when people will hear about whether they will be in the Calgary or Edmonton campus?
  2. Does anyone know when the second round of emails will be sent out? Seems rather long between invites.
  3. Know people who have been accepted, rejected & waitlisted. anyone know how the process works? Sending out half the emails at a time?
  4. Has anyone else asked what quarter they are in for the waiting list? I wonder if they would disclose this via email
  5. Thank you for sharing this! Such great info. Can you tell us how the admissions process went for you? How confident were you with your MMI answers? What was your GPA? Did you get accepted first round or off of the waiting list?
  6. There is just 1 I believe. You can also email and ask if you’re in top or bottom half of waiting list.
  7. I think the best way to ask is to simply reply to the email they sent about being on the waitlist.
  8. Interesting how most other schools disclose your exact position on the waiting list. Would be nice to know, but seems like many other students have applied to a bunch of schools, so maybe there will be a decent amount of movement this year! Stay positive
  9. Can you please let us know when they tell you? Would be interesting to know what they mean by the wording, as I’m sure most of us will be getting an answer.
  10. Confusing wording, because last year an applicant was told they were in upper half, meaning upper numbers (50-100). Could be interpreted either way, really.
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