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  1. Status: Accepted (Saskatoon) 1st time applicant Timestamp: May 15th, 12:48pm Geography: IP Year: 4-year UG MCAT: 496 GPA: 79.6% Feels surreal right now! Goes to show that low marks don’t define you!
  2. Damn, that's solid. I think you should keep your hopes high!
  3. Excited/Nervous/Anxious. It's a healthy blend of all three! I cannot wait to find out regardless of the news so that I can finally start planning my summer and future more accurately! Only 6 more agonizing days to go!
  4. Damn, I'm sorry to hear that! Do you mind me asking how come?
  5. Sure thing! I have 123 credits so I'm not too sure how they calculated my UAA but I believe it's either 79.2% or 79.6%. My MCAT was a mediocre 496. I am not eligible for AP or DSAAP.
  6. I'm sure people have had all 3 references contacted but it's not the norm. Most people only get 2 contacted. They use references as a "rule-out" so if the CoM isn't satisfied with what they got from your first two references for whatever reason, they'll move on to the third. I don't believe getting all 3 of your references contacted works against you though!
  7. Two of my references got contacted yesterday! I guess they are just taking their time working down the list so don't worry. I'm sure you'll be up soon.
  8. About a month to go before doomsday! I wanted to start a thread to see how's everybody been handling this wretched wait and how's their anxiety feeling at this point? For me personally, I'm hopeful but don't want to jinx myself The days are moving by so damn slow!
  9. Would you guys happen to know when is the last possible date the CoM contacts your references till? I am an IP applicant. I've been told that some of my friends have gotten theirs contacted whereas some haven't. I just need to know when I can start worrying haha
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