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  1. I share a similar sentiment, considering we interviewed way before them.
  2. See, if we keep thing "today is the day" everyday, one day we will be right!
  3. They for sure will not compare in-person interviewees with the virtual ones. It just won't be fair.
  4. It's just a feeling. I feel like they may have met yesterday to finalize their list. AFAIK, they meet weekly so they shouldn't be much work left for them to do.
  5. It looks like . I am hoping this virus doesn't slow things further.
  6. That is a real possibility, and if they are still checking verifiers, I could be wrong about adcom being done.
  7. My guess is all the adcom meetings must have been done by now. They are just taking their sweet time with us lol.
  8. The anxiety has made me very unproductive lol
  9. If the March 28 and 29th dates aren't filled yet, there are about 200 invites yet to go out. They interview about 100 people each day.
  10. I also did my undergrad in the U.S and have interviewed at several Canadian medical schools. The question about other places I applied has never come up. I doubt it will come up unless you choose to tell them.
  11. FYI, the website has been fully updated now.
  12. My status still says "Ready for Review" in Minerva. Is it the same for everyone else?
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