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  1. I already have 4 pubs in my first year, they are actually just systematic reviews though, and I'm in process of submitting two this month so I think I will be able to publish 10-15 by the end of med school, but my question is does the amount of research play a role in how competitive your application is. Most applicants I know applying to this field have Phds with 20-30 publications, so I probably won't be ever be able to compete at their level.. IS research just a checkbox in Carms, or does the number of research papers published count?
  2. Hi everyone: So I am trying to understand the CARMS process, and I recognize that research it is a very important aspect that is looked at, particularly more for the more competitive fields. I will also be applying to a speciality where grad degrees are favoured, however, I don't have a grad degree. Now I was wondering how they assess your research - Do they look favorably more at someone who has more publications (i.e Case Reports and Systematic Reviews which are easier to publish) vs, someone who may have done 1-2 projects ( but the data gathering process difficult and its hard to publish this research, e.g. like clinical trials, etc)? Basically, I'm asking if it comes down to quality or just quantity. I'm expecting to finish med school with 10-15 publications, but that's all I would have. How is research evaluated for competitive specialties?
  3. Does this not happen if you pursue MD first then a Phd?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a second year med student and I'm interested in a quite competitive speciality, ( not surgical) and I've made several connections in my field of interest and I'm currently involved in the publication of 4 papers in my field of interest and 3 others in a different field. I have no publications prior to med school. My publications will mostly be systematic reviews and retrospective studies. I've not done any case reports yet. Although I will have few publications before Carms, I don't think I would be able to compete with applicants who have had Phds prior to med school and I was wondering if I should pursue a Phd prior Carms to improve my chances if I'm set on a competitive specialty? I feel that I'm hard working student but I was admitted to medicine before I had a chance to pursue a Phd, and I'm worried that this may make me a less competitive applicant when going through Carms when compared to older med students who have had a chance to pursue Phds. The reason I ask this is because I know another person in my med school who is quite interested in my field of interest and she is 18 years older than me and has had 1 Phds and 2 Msc degrees prior to getting into medicine and has had more publications than I do. Will pursuing Phd prior to medicine make me a more competitive applicant?
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