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  1. Thanks for replying when it comes to this, it is not like I don't wanna pull it up, and I have put in work it just doesn't seem to payoff
  2. Hey everyone, so I'm a second year kin student at Brock, and ever since high school I was determined to do physiotherapy. I am Canadian citizen who did the British curriculum abroad (gcse's and A-levels) and got accepted into various universities, however I settled at Brock due to financial reasons. in first year and just turning 17 I promised to not party, restrict the amount of times I go out and legit had 0 social life, yet I had an average of almost 73% which was extremely demotivating for me, I had to repeat the anatomy class since I never did anatomy (only did further Biology at school and didn't cover as much on the anatomy side) and it kinda boosted my average after repeating it. Fast forward to second year I was determined to do better, but it was more brutal than first year, I learned from a lot of my mistake in first year (there were tons) but I barely improved in first semester, here I am in second semester and my grades are not looking any better. I suffer a lot from the difference in examination style I was used to (we did less multiple choices and more short/long answer in the British curriculum). At this point I am really stressed out, my marks are not looking better even though I dedicated more time and better strategies in studying in second year, I meet up with my professors occasionally and almost all of them love me and expect a lot from me, yet I don't do that well. I do realize that only the last two years matter as much but I am afraid that I won't do any better and I'd be stuck with a kin degree, given I seriously dislike my program and how it is setup at my school. my questions are as follow: 1. Did you do better off in 3rd and 4th year when compared to the first couple of years, did you find university easier to handle in the last couple of years. 2. Are my grades normal for someone coming to university at this age, I genuinely wanted to take a gap year but my parents refused. 3. what are some good strategies which had an effect on boosting your grades. 4. Is there a chance to improve my gpa or should I just pull out of the program and switch programs/careers at this point to save myself years wasted. I am just stressing heavily over the high gpa cutoffs and me being younger than the average student, please be straight forward with me, give me a reality check and don't sugar coat it. Thanks in advance for your honest replies.
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