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  1. It takes both into account! Basically if I'm waitlisted at position #1 and someone who was accepted declines their offer, I get a call offering a position (and I think you only have like 24-48 hours to accept, I could be wrong), but say I was accepted to a different school and accept that offer instead, the waitlist will keep on moving!
  2. I could be wrong but I believe the waitlist went 20 spots last year and 28ish the year before!
  3. If Queen's is your dream school, you can certainly cater your next year to make your application strong, specifically to Queen's. It would appear the subGPA cut-off this year was a 3.73, last year it was a 3.70, the year before a 3.68 I believe. With this in mind, you may want to ensure you have a subGPA of at least 3.75 or .76 to be safe for next year. As long as you make the cut-off, however, Queen's definitely weighs your essays higher than your GPA (I was accepted to Queen's PT this year with a 3.73 subGPA). I made sure I had a variety of experience working in PT (MSK, neuro, long-term care), some research experience, as well as some non-PT experience (recreation dept in LTC, coaching a sports team, and volunteering to play golf with a blind man). They want to see that you're passionate and knowledgable about the profession, as well as have a variety of interests and experiences! Queen's doesn't interview or require a CASPer, but if you're open to other schools, I was accepted to both Western and McGill for OT and PT with a low-ish GPA, so I think my CASPer went well - it's manageable if you prepare well for it! Feel free to PM me if you have anymore questions
  4. No clue about Mac but last year Queen's moved around 20 spots, the year before around 28 spots I believe!
  5. Applied + (PT or OT?): McGill, McMaster, Western and Queens (OT + PT)Accepted: McGill OT + PT, Queens OT + PT, and Western OT + PTWaitlisted: Rejected: McMaster OT + PTGPA: cGPA 3.44 (3.54 @ McGill) subGPA 3.73Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: My Queen's essays were strong - 600 hours of PTA/OTA experience in a TBI clinic, 600 hours of PTA experience in a private MSK clinic, 60 hours of PTA experience in LTC, 200 hours of research assistant experience, working with older adults with dementia, 1200 hours of recreation department volunteer experience in a LTC facility, and a season working as head coach of a high school girl's rugby team. I'm assuming my CASPer score was strong, given my acceptances at McGill and Western with a lower GPA. I practiced for the CASPer by finding every possible practice question online, and giving myself 5 minutes to actually type the answers, which really helped with my time management. I will be accepting my offer to Queen's PT, so wishing those on McGill, Western and Queen's OT waitlists good luck! Hopefully you hear good news soon. As for future applicants - don't let a GPA in the 3.7s put you down!
  6. I got this email for both Western OT and PT!
  7. Some people received acceptances to McGill OT as early as 2.5 weeks ago, and it sounds like they sent waitlist offers yesterday.
  8. Is this for PT? Queen's doesn't interview..
  9. Does anyone know of or has heard of an instance when someone received an email and did not get accepted?
  10. I've accepted my offer! I am still waiting to hear from the Ontario schools, but McGill was my second choice!
  11. I was accepted to both OT & PT at McGill, but declined my OT offer - hopefully this means someone will hear something soon!