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  1. Did you get a chance for an interview for MacOT before the decline?
  2. Congrats! Did you have an interview for Mac OT before you got declined?
  3. Me too. For the people on the waitlist do they ever get a chance for an interview? Or is a waitlist a rejection at this point?
  4. Has anyone on the wait list heard back from McMaster OT? Since interviews are over that must mean it’s a rejection? But I never received an email and it still says status pending...
  5. I heard from past students that people could get in up to July/Aug off the waitlist since some hear back from other programs at that point. So I guess they could accept the offer then change their mind..
  6. Anyone else receive a wait list email today? Or a rejection? Also does anyone know the deadline to respond to an offer? Thanks!
  7. Hi, does anyone receive a rejection letter or everyone gets placed on the wait list?
  8. Did anyone receive a rejection letter or does everyone get placed on the waiting list if they don’t receive an offer?
  9. Congrats! I’m assuming you received an acceptance? How long do you have to accept the offer?
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