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  1. @marblestatue and I have been apartment hunting for the past few weeks and we just signed the lease for a 4-bedroom brand-new apartment that couldn’t be more perfect for us! We’re looking for two more roommates to fill the remaining two bedrooms — priced at $550 and $580, furnished, all utilities included. The apartment: - 8-month lease from September to April (no need to find a subletter/pay double rent if you get placed outside of MTL for clinical) - On the 2nd floor with an L-shaped outdoor terrasse - 1 minute away from Papineau Metro Station - Down the street from a Metro grocery store + dépanneur, very close to a couple parks - Private keypad entrance - Fully furnished (bedrooms have brand new mattresses, bed frames + nightstands) - Every room has a window that opens and individual control of heat - 1 full bathroom with a waterfall shower - All utilities (heat, lights, high-speed internet, water) included - Washer and dryer (NOT coin-operated) in the apartment - Brand new TV in living room + new modern furniture - The bedrooms do not have closets, but do have under-bed storage and the landlord is willing to provide cabinets if needed! Metro leaves every 5 minutes (green line), 4 stops to McGill Station & 5 stops to Peel; 25 minute total commute to McGill SPOT. We are looking for kind, fun and respectful people to share our apartment with. If that’s you, DM us for pics and to chat more!
  2. I just declined Dalhousie (too close to home, want to branch out) and I’ve been very attached to Montreal for so long so probably McGill! But will be weighing pros n cons for a couple days before I make a final decision between McGill, UofT and Queens
  3. Applied + (PT or OT?): OT Dal, McGill, UofT, Queens Accepted: Dalhousie, McGill, UofT, Queens Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: 3.75 cgpa and s-gpa Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: No interviews, essay about why I wanted to be an OT was pretty strong, didn’t feel too confident about the other one but I spent a lot of time on it and re-read it 101 times before pressing send; reference letters came from my volunteer supervisor at the nursing home (strong relationship, always worked well under her, known her for 5+ years) and my chemistry professor (known me for 4 years, saw me through some very character-building times and spoke to that I’m assuming) Best of luck to everyone trying to decide which schools to attend and for those on the waitlist I hope it moves up quickly for you and you’re not waiting with bated breath for too long!!!
  4. Also OTQY! I’m from New Brunswick and would like to find a cute apartment with other OT/PT students!
  5. Just wondering because I can't seem to find any info on grading except for clinical placements -- are there actual grades/percentages on your grad transcript or are the courses just marked as pass/fail? Specifically for Queen's, UofT or McGill! Thanks!
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