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  1. Hi. Let's say you're a CMG going for a competitive specialty in the states. Upon completion, what does the process look like (if at all possible) to return to Canada and practice? Thank you
  2. Even with a permanent residency, what does the route look like for what would be equivalent to a surgical residency out there in Australia? (aside from it being competitive, I assume)
  3. Hey Xiphoid. What are the implications of doing a surgical residency in say the US or elsewhere. Does this rule out ever returning to Canada and becoming a licensed physician?
  4. Frenchpress, thank you for the reply. AQ: 31, NAQ: 35. ECs: Sports/coaching, Founded a couple non-profits/student clubs, Lots of employment (Server/bartender/youth centre supervisor). Research was completely lacking. I have a year of clinical research under my belt for the next cycle, but unlikely to have any recognition attached to it. Not sure I intend on returning, to be honest. I just don't know. Although, I do agree and the plan is to work my butt off and shell out however much money I need to for the proper coaching to improve my interview skills and keep Canadian medical schools a priority.
  5. Hey everybody. First time poster on this forum- however, I have been on it many times in the past few years! A little history- I live in Vancouver and just got refused by UBC for the third year in a row- I have interviewed there 2 times. This has been the only school I have been applying to, as I'm finishing up my undergrad next year (part-time 4 course semesters for the most part) and I've had tunnel vision on UBC specifically. I'm now sick of not being in medical school and looking to apply abroad in addition to the Canadian medical schools I plan on applying to this upcoming cycle. I've got a 515 MCAT (127 CARS), 91aGPA, TFR was 66 the past two years (above average interviewee TFR), but have sadly received below average interview scores the past two years. I was hoping to hear any advice/opinions/general thoughts on the application process (how well my qualifications transfer, additional testing, financial considerations, etc.) and long-term considerations with medical schools in Ireland, the UK, Australia, or the US and how they may compare. I've heard various opinions about US medical schools, especially if I were to seek a surgical residency, for example. Cheers
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