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  1. I’m doing a course based masters so I’m not sure if there’s a different deadline for a thesis one. When I called she said I have to be done done everything by aug 15th, this includes any presentation as well.
  2. Suppose you are done by mid August but all you have to do is present your research at the end of August. How do you think western will take that? Despite handing everything in, it technically won’t be done by the end of August.
  3. Are they competitive for Canadian as well?
  4. Is there a particular reason you're leaning towards Irish or American schools?
  5. Hi everyone I recently wrote the day in feb 2019. These are my scores: Rc: 20 Pat: 20 AA: 20 Chem: 20 Bio: 19 Ts: 19 My 2 year gpa is an 87. I am planning on applying to UWO (IP), dal, usask and UofM. I also have a one year masters degree. Ec: work experience, 100 hours of dental shadowing, TA, volunteering, research I am not quite sure if my dat scores are competitive given all my other stats, would it be beneficial to rewrite?
  6. My school gives out letter grades so when I converted it to percentage this is what it came out to. I used the OMSAS scale
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