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  1. Hey all. I was wondering in the eyes of the admission committees what constitutes a strong candidate. What I mean by this is that I have some pretty low marks in my first year (I got two C+'s and two B-'s) in some really simple introductory courses like BIO1001 and CHEM1001. To juxtapose this however, in my second and third year I have consistently scored anywhere from A-'s to A+'s in the subsequent higher level correspondants to these classes. Like for example, an A- in organic chem, A+ in genetics, A in microbio, etc etc. Does an admission committee see this change and realize that my first year may have been unrepresentative of what I am capable of, or what I be better of retaking these courses dragging my GPA down, getting an A+ in them easy peasy and then moving on with a higher cGPA. Also as a side question, do they really care about B's and B+'s in electives like history or religion? As of now my first year marks and my electives are really what are hindering my GPA - my science GPA is much higher than much cGPA because of this.
  2. Hey everyone, first post here. I am a second year (going into third year now) biochem/bio major looking to enter the field of optometry and practice in Canada. My most recent semester at university (and arguably my hardest) I have performed the highest in as I sort of 'buckled down' so to speak, and managed to complete the semester with a over all GPA of 3.9 (I am still missing marks for one course but it will be an A- at the lowest, or an A+ at the highest.) While I am very proud of this, I kind of spent first year mostly slacking off and have a few C+'s on my transcript in really stupid courses (like BIO1001, while my other bio marks are all consistently A+'s, or CHEM1001, when I aced organic chem, etc.). I think it's largely attributed to the fact that I'm going to school almost 18 hours (car) away from my home and the initial shock of no longer having regimentation in my life made my marks suffer. As such, my overall GPA going into third year is ~3.1 I'm feeling confident then I can score highly on the OAT as the material is concerning classes I did well in, and given a couple months of studying I do not see why I wouldn't be able to score very highly. Finally, I am shadowing an optometrist this summer who also promised he would write me a letter of recommendation when I decide to apply to my schools. I have no reason to believe my marks will not continue to keep going up, and so - if I continue to perform at this level for the rest of my university career (because in fact, I heard my classes actually get EASIER in 3rd and 4th year) how do I look as a prospective candidate in the eyes of an application committee? Does currently in/completed American optometry know if I would be desirable or not? I am hoping to apply to Waterloo (which I know is a stretch given its competitiveness) as well as some American schools like NECO - and im fully committed to going to either schools. I find both pretty intriguing. Thanks for your help!
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  4. Thank you, I will move it there. (I actually did click on an optometry link to lead me here though.)
  5. Like I said, first time poster. I noticed similair posts on this thread. where should this be?