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  1. You’re right sorry; I edited my post
  2. Ontario Wise; Only Mac looks at cGPA and their cutoff is lower because of that, UofT uses wGPA if you took a full course load, Queens and Western last two years and UofOttawa uses wGPA where they use 3 years and the first year grades are multiplied by 1 then , second year by 2 , third year by three and averaged . I can't see why you would think youre not competitive; youre cGPA is about a 3.79 and your wGPA is all 3.9+; GPA isnt your issue, you need to write the MCAT; a masters or second undergrad is unnecessary for you; make the MCAT cut offs, you said your EC's are strong so the only thing you really have to do at this point is do well on the MCAT.
  3. Thank you, I am doing a lot of self reflecting to see what went wrong exactly and although I did work hard I know what mistakes I made and am hoping going down the road I have learned from them. I know it is easier said than done, but I am praying that the fact that I know this is literally my only shot and theres no room for any mess ups anymore will motivate me to put in 110 percent. If I truly see that I am putting in that effort and not getting the marks, I will revaluate med as that means I am not suited for it. If I don't work hard as much as I plan to that means I dont truly want it; but thank you so much for the insight, I am going to talk to academic advising in 2 days to kind of plan out how to achieve my goals. I did talk to them in the past but my school GPA is like a 3.5, so they dont see anything "wrong" in what I'm doing; I tried explaining I want medicine and that this GPA isn't good for it and it's lower on the OMSAS scale, which is what med schools look at; not the schools way of calculating, last year the advisor told me to look at other options rather than focusing on med. Do you think prepping for the courses now would be a good idea, just so I can be a little ahead?
  4. Thank you very much; sorry I just dont want to make any mistakes that can ruin any slim shot I have; but thank you!
  5. So after doing a bit of calculations and serious self reflecting I have come to this conclusion. Basically I am sitting at a cGPA with a 3.3, which I know is not competitive. Yearly its 3.2, and 3.4. I am entering my third year and I am going to try my hardest to achieve a 3.9+ this year and next year. I know, I know; easier said than done but this isn't just talking and I REALLY planned out my courses a lot smarter this year; I'm confident I will achieve a 4 in 7/10 of these courses I just have to work hard at these other 3. I know that I would be most likely suited for UofT, Ottawa, Queens and Western. I know Macs out of the window and I know applying out of Ontario for an OOP is just as competitive. I am also going to apply to a few US schools because after doing a bit of research their GPA weighing also works more in my favour because my sGPA is a lot higher than my cGPA. The weighing system at UofT and Ottawa will also work in my favour, so if I get a 4.0 next year I have a 3.84 at Toronto. Regardless I will not apply my fourth year because another year at 4.0 will open up Queens, Western and raise my GPA if I get another 4.0. I know this is easier said than done but I am worrying about is what the heck to do in the year off of the application cycle. I was looking at Westerns MPH program or UofT's management for science students which is also a one year course based masters, because A) it gives more career options, and B- it teaches you some knowledgable things. So I was contemplating doing that; or should I take the year off and just build EC's or should I just work? I know this is hypothetical and it's easy to say "just see how you do third year", I just kind of want to have a plan of action because I am not writing the MCAT this year (Which I originally planned to do) because of my GPA, and have accepted that I cant be competitive applying as a fourth year. I find that a lot of people who don't plan in advance and kind of just "wait and see" how they do end up graduating without a solid plan, so does anyone have any suggestions, is a one year masters a good idea? Or would you personally take the year off to build EC's (also I don't know many job positions I would have that would be offered with a life sci degree to be honest, most jobs need some higher form of education from what I have seen) I am volunteering this summer and working; and prepping a little bit for the MCAT before I take it next summer. Thank you very much for reading this, appreciate any advice I can get!
  6. Okay thank you very much; I guess I will just work a normal job to support myself financially and volunteer for the experience. I know some undergrads were successful in securing research positions and some are doing pharmacy assistant/ clinical research but a lot of it is within school or connections, appreciate the advice; thanks!
  7. Hello there, I was just wondering if there were any premeds who were successful in finding a job in healthcare and how they went about finding it? I find myself in a vicious cycle in the summer where I need to make money financially, but find myself only being able to get a job in food service/ customer service. Were there any special courses you took that could be completed in the summer? I know Canada is unlike the states where it is uncommon to find a scribing job and such, but I know there are medical jobs out there; I would be willing to take a course to be more qualified but from what I see to even be a medical office assistant I would need to take a college program. If it helps I am in Ontario. If anyone has any advice it would really be appreciated; thank you!
  8. Wow, thank you so much for the words encouragement; I really appreciate it! It means a lot!!!!! I will definitely be taking your advice; thank you again!
  9. You're a huge inspiration buddy! People like you keep me going! You are the definition of resilience and I have the utmost respect for people like you!
  10. Man, thank you monocyte, i’m happy for anyone honestly I don’t wish anyone misfortune it’s more so me feeling like I’m actually like less than them and like I respect them a lot to be honest, is it weird to say I look up to people younger than me? Its just hard to keep a positive headspace but I really am trying; I’ll keep on going; thanks man!
  11. I just, I am 22. I went to University later because of a lot of life factors. I honestly didnt know anything about anything. Going into my third year I feel like I am really REALLY late on life. My GPA is like a 3.3; I have been feeling very very low. there are 21-year-olds who got into medical school, and I am 22 and I dont have a competitive GPA. I feel so old; I feel so useless and I really REALLY want to keep pushing. I taught myself from first year but despite working hard I was only able to increase my gpa from an omsas 3.2 to an omsas 3.4. I would REALLY really love to hear any success stories or how someone kind of figured themselves out. Because this summer is killing me; I am looking for research positions, job positions, volunteering and no one has responded yet; I am working a job not related to medicine and I feel like a complete failure. I am trying to keep positive so my GPA can be amazing third and fourth year but it's just so discouraging right now, I dont think I have ever felt this upset in my life. It's like the reality of life just hitting you.
  12. Thank you all for your words of wisdom; I’m really grateful for all the insightful answers I have been receiving! I appreciate it a lot, truly.
  13. I just want to thank you for giving me a very well thought out and insightful answer; I really appreciate it, like a lot. I PM’d you if you don’t mind
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