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  1. sinusoid

    How to get a healthcare job?

    Okay thank you very much; I guess I will just work a normal job to support myself financially and volunteer for the experience. I know some undergrads were successful in securing research positions and some are doing pharmacy assistant/ clinical research but a lot of it is within school or connections, appreciate the advice; thanks!
  2. Hello there, I was just wondering if there were any premeds who were successful in finding a job in healthcare and how they went about finding it? I find myself in a vicious cycle in the summer where I need to make money financially, but find myself only being able to get a job in food service/ customer service. Were there any special courses you took that could be completed in the summer? I know Canada is unlike the states where it is uncommon to find a scribing job and such, but I know there are medical jobs out there; I would be willing to take a course to be more qualified but from what I see to even be a medical office assistant I would need to take a college program. If it helps I am in Ontario. If anyone has any advice it would really be appreciated; thank you!
  3. sinusoid

    Should I hold on to the med dream?

    The fact that you went from a 2.3 to a 3.9 is amazing. I went from a 3.1 to a 3.4 and I still havent given up; looks like youre on the right track to be honest. You did what I couldn't second year.
  4. Wow, thank you so much for the words encouragement; I really appreciate it! It means a lot!!!!! I will definitely be taking your advice; thank you again!
  5. You're a huge inspiration buddy! People like you keep me going! You are the definition of resilience and I have the utmost respect for people like you!
  6. Man, thank you monocyte, i’m happy for anyone honestly I don’t wish anyone misfortune it’s more so me feeling like I’m actually like less than them and like I respect them a lot to be honest, is it weird to say I look up to people younger than me? Its just hard to keep a positive headspace but I really am trying; I’ll keep on going; thanks man!
  7. I just, I am 22. I went to University later because of a lot of life factors. I honestly didnt know anything about anything. Going into my third year I feel like I am really REALLY late on life. My GPA is like a 3.3; I have been feeling very very low. there are 21-year-olds who got into medical school, and I am 22 and I dont have a competitive GPA. I feel so old; I feel so useless and I really REALLY want to keep pushing. I taught myself from first year but despite working hard I was only able to increase my gpa from an omsas 3.2 to an omsas 3.4. I would REALLY really love to hear any success stories or how someone kind of figured themselves out. Because this summer is killing me; I am looking for research positions, job positions, volunteering and no one has responded yet; I am working a job not related to medicine and I feel like a complete failure. I am trying to keep positive so my GPA can be amazing third and fourth year but it's just so discouraging right now, I dont think I have ever felt this upset in my life. It's like the reality of life just hitting you.
  8. sinusoid

    Scared to start a relationship?

    Thank you all for your words of wisdom; I’m really grateful for all the insightful answers I have been receiving! I appreciate it a lot, truly.
  9. sinusoid

    How can I be better?

    I just want to thank you for giving me a very well thought out and insightful answer; I really appreciate it, like a lot. I PM’d you if you don’t mind
  10. sinusoid

    Scared to start a relationship?

    Thank you all for the advice; I really appreciate it!
  11. sinusoid

    Scared to start a relationship?

    thank you for all your advice
  12. sinusoid

    How can I be better?

    I’m sorry, what does this mean exactly? What demographic are they looking for?
  13. sinusoid

    How can I be better?

    Thank you all for the responses; I appreciate it. I just feel really embarrassed with my GPA like I don’t want to show my face at school, when I see a professor that kind of recognizes me I just shy away in the fear that they are judging my marks, all the successful people I’ve seen thus far are super; which is amazing for them, and I’m so proud of all of them, but it’s just so embarrassing and depressing on my end. One of them even told me “you’ll get into med school, you work hard” when I told her my GPA she was like “oh....”