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  1. Probably proceed as usual offering 550 interviews, and then add the guaranteed re-applicants to that number. At least that's my interpretation.
  2. UofT has never been truly holistic since they don't consider ABS/BPE's unless you pass the cycle's GPA cutoff. If anything, the raw GPA stat gives us an idea of how the GPA of the next admitted class will look like... probably at least 3.9 .
  3. Paraphrasing their justification for the 2FCE cap: Applicants who had other things going on in their life (caring for loved ones) were disadvantaged because they might not have been able to take 5 courses/semester, making them ineligible to get wGPA. Wasn't this the purpose for the AEE? Students in this situation could share their story and wGPA may have been applied for them. The 2FCE cap will actually put many of these applicants at a disadvantage. I'm exactly the applicant they are trying to help, however, this change takes me from slightly below competitive to ineligible. I took a full course load every year, struggled trying to juggle caring for a parent and managing school in the beginning but found my footing in later years. I'm certain there are others in similar positions. David Latter, one of the panelists, explicitly mentioned grade inflation as his reason for not liking GPA. Yet the upcoming admissions change only amplifies the issue (please correct me if I'm wrong). It's made worse due to how UofT processes applicants -- none of the ABS entries or BPE's that are meant to improve class diversity and in turn medicine as a whole in Ontario matter if you performed poorly one year. There's no realistic way to show your worth. They seem receptive to feedback but I get the feeling nothing will change this cycle. Since I'm already making this post... I also have an issue with them citing low SES as a reason for reducing emphasis on the MCAT while simultaneously doubling down on GPA. With all the resources available online today, it is far more accessible and cheaper for a dedicated student to improve their MCAT than to pay tuition for a second undergrad/additional years in order to improve grades. I would love to hear other opinions on this. Sorry for ranting and shout out to the people below
  4. Can someone help me understand how McGill uses MCAT scores? On their site they mention academic score is "90% is based on the undergraduate CGPA and 10% is based on academic context." In the next section, they state that the MCAT is used "in conjunction with academic results in the relevant science prerequisite courses (50/50 weighting)." So is the MCAT somehow factored into the academic score or is it just a way to meet minimum pre-req grade.
  5. Got in with similar stats? Either way, it most definitely was not a fluke. They must have done really well on both the CASPer and MMI
  6. This list is kind of depressing... What do you guys think happened with Standford's 2019 data -- 9 internationals accepted, but 0 interviews??
  7. Congrats on your acceptance! Do you have any tips for the Casper you'd be willing to share?
  8. Did anyone use less than 8 experiences on the ABS and receive an interview? The website is a bit confusing. "A minimum of four and a maximum of eight life experiences will be considered" but also says... "applicants should list their top two life experiences that relate to each of the four core values listed"
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