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  1. Hmmm maybe it's juste me, but to me, Casper has everything to do with critical reasoning and quick thinking. Sure a fast typing speed can be helpful, but I don't think you should necessarily train for it. Why ? Because you are the very proof of what happens when you rehearse for something that should be natural and organic. Sure you got invited 4 times, but the thing is you didn't get in after the first interview session, which means you're lacking something personality wise. I think the best way to train for the Casper is to actually challenge yourself through your everyday life and try to find your weaknesses beforehand and work on them. What's the point of getting a good score on a Casper test if you fail the interview afterwards ? Both the interviews and the Casper are mainly personality based, the only difference being you can make up an act for the Casper but you can't during the interviews because they will sense it. I got in med school after taking 1 casper test and after my 1st interview session without ever actually practicing for any of them. What I did do tho was during my undergrad, everytime I had a social interaction I would try to act as if it was one of the interview station and I would then reflect on what I did right and wrong so I could practice at being a more social and empathic person. Instead of just seeing social interaction as a product of everyday life, I started to actively think about it. For example : which words were better to use in certain situations, when to use pauses, different intonations etc. Three years ago, I was a pretty shy and socially awkward person and now, I would say I'm quite good at dealing various situations ! Anyways, it's nice you actually took time to make this sheet, but so me, rehearsing 1 week in advance for a personality-based test won't get you too far. It's a long process and you should be working on it through your everyday life, rather than studying for it like you would for any other school related tests !
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