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  1. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Interview was roughly 30-40 minutes and fairly laid back. Asked the standard questions, why do you want to be a Physiotherapist. Volunteer/work experience. Why do you want to attend GCU etc. Nothing out of the ordinary.
  2. I have a 3.6 GPA and decided on GCU because a lot of Canadians are accepted into the Physiotherapy MSC program. Plus the reviews from recent graduates are very positive. I am also looking forward to living in Glasgow for a couple of years.
  3. I applied at the beginning of March and had an interview roughly 4 weeks later. I received an unconditional offer two weeks ago. Is GCU your #1 choice abroad?
  4. Hello, I was accepted to the Physiotherapy MSC program starting in January 2020 and just sent my confirmation to attend yesterday. Are there any other Canadians that will be going next year? I am from the Toronto area and not sure if I want to live in residence or get an apartment.
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