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  1. Thank you for your reply. Just wondering - what are your thoughts on the spiral curriculum as opposed to a curriculum which teaches in blocks?
  2. I have one question about the curriculum in first and second year - are we taught in blocks (eg cardiology, respiratory..etc) each with their own midterm and final exam or are we taught all the material at together?
  3. Hi everyone! What should we be expecting after accepting the offer to the MD program at UBC? Should we be getting a confirmation letter? As of now, I have sent in my transcripts, paid my deposit, and accepted the offer but I haven't received anything from the admissions team confirming my position in the program. Thanks everyone for your help!
  4. I had a few more questions! I will be joining the VMFP class in the fall: 1) which buildings are most of the lectures held in? I understand that the majority of lectures will be in UBC and a couple will be held in VGH. 2) I'm planning on staying close to UBC campus for first year. Which street/apartments/condos do most med students live in if they want to be close to the UBC campus (ie within 5 min walking distance)? How much should i be expecting to pay for a 1 bedroom apartment? 3) I've been invited to a wedding on the April long weekend (10-13th). If any first years can comment - how busy is the exam schedule around this time period?
  5. guys i think offers are out on OMSAS
  6. It is definitely salvageable. 1) Identify what caused you to fail the semester. If it's lack of organization/studying skills, or a mental health problem (or a combination of several things), get the help you need right away. See if you can get a letter of explaining this from a medical professional or a counsellor. Trust me this can help you in the long-term when applying to med schools since a lot of schools have an option of explaining poor academic performance. 2) Use this summer to fix this problem. This is much easier said than done. 3) Focus completely on your next three years on undergrad. You need to completely crush the courses you're going to be taking. No slacking off. Focus on yourself, your health, and your grades/ECs. 4) Be optimistic. Many schools look at your best two years or last two years... some schools have an option of submitting a letter of extenuating circumstances. You definitely have a shot so don't give up yet. But first of all, focus on your problems, and focus on the next years ahead. You got this.
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