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  1. Time Stamp: 8:30AM EST Result: Accepted GPA: 4.0 on OMSAS scale, 4.1 cumulative on 4.3 scale ECs: several leadership positions in undergrad, lots of employment, athletic involvements, research internship, hospital volunteering, volunteering at rehab clinics and special needs programs. Geography: lived in rural (not northern) Ontario for 14 yrs, lived in Arctic for 1 yr, lived in B.C for 7 yrs (considered out of province now) Interview: This was my last interview this year and I was super tired from a late flight the night before. Didn't practice a ton since I'd already prepped so much for other interviews this cycle. I thought I did ok but definitely did not expect to get in. I thought I might've looked too nervous or been talking too fast; an interviewer literally told me on my way out the door to "just breathe and calm down" lol Campus: Sudbury Decision: I will not be accepting my offer here, posting this to hopefully let waitlisted ppl know that there will be movement in the list!
  2. Result: Accepted- MAM Timestamp: 6:15AM PST (9:15am in Ontario) wGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 510 ECs: leadership positions on campus, lots of employment experience, hospital volunteering, athletic involvements. Strong recommendations. Essays: worked on them for ~2 weeks, got family to revise/edit it. Felt really good about them, I subjectively think these may have been one of the strongest parts of my application. Interview: 3 stations went well. 1 was awful. Question caught me by surprise and I was a mess. Year: 4th yr UG Geography: OOP Deciding between this offer and a few others. Specifically, if any current students go to MAM, I'd love to hear from you as I've never been to Mississauga before and am not sure if it is a disadvantage compared to St. George's. Thanks
  3. lol OF COURSE I chose this afternoon to change my address in OMSAS and now I can’t see my offers or application for 1-3 business days while they process the change I’ve played myself. Now I have to sleep/wait until morning knowing I could’ve seen my result now..
  4. Thanks for doing this I'm just wanting to get a sense of the first year schedule/curriculum. Could you pls just let me know what your weekly schedule looked like and how often you were tested (midterms? finals?) and what you liked vs found challenging about the way UBC's curriculum is set up. Thank you again
  5. Accepted NMP!!!!! So many tears omg I am still shaking
  6. I'm still shaking... Timestamp: 11:22AM (PST) Result: Accepted - NMP (first choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 89.36% MCAT: 510 - 126/128/127/129 Year: Fourth yr ug ECs: mostly generic- leadership positions on campus x3-4, research internship (not published), lots of athletic activities (high school, uni varsity), travelling, interning at rehab clinics, volunteering at hospitals and special needs program. For rural suitability section, I only filled out 2 activities/mentors ect (working at a rural hospital with indigenous patients, having a rural physician mentor). Geography: IP (for anyone who cares about rural suitability- I lived rurally for 14yrs, lived in isolated northern community for 1yr, then lived in medium-sized town for the rest) Interview: I practiced with a friend of mine who was interviewing at another med school from Jan-Feb to prep. It was my first med interview EVER but I went in feeling prepared. Felt amazing on 2-3 stations, absolutely awful at 1 (literally had never heard of the topic before, very scattered), and ok on the others. Written station was a blur but I've always excelled in english/writing courses so I feel that might've helped me. Advice for future applicants would be to maybe practice writing an essay in 30 min on a random topic or dilemma, I left wishing I'd done this. This was my first time applying, first time interviewing. My heart breaks for those of you who have been trying for years on end- I can't imagine what you're feeling and I genuinely admire your perseverance! I'm emotionally exhausted after just one cycle lol but I hope you never give up. Rooting for you <3 Finding out from Ontario schools on Tuesday, so I may not accept my UBC offer. Will be spending the weekend weighing the pros/cons of each school vs UBC, just in case I am in the fortunate position of having to make a choice next week.
  7. Just changed my iphone's email notification settings so that when I receive an email from oasportal it will pop up on my home screen but won't show the email's subject line or preview. Hoping this will give me a small sense of control over when/where I find out while still allowing me to check my phone obsessively. Will definitely be excusing myself from work to "go to the bathroom" when I see the message lol really would rather open it/find out in private
  8. Yeah I was just as confused at first as the process isn’t discussed at all on their website haha. Best of luck to you too
  9. Thanks for letting me know! I wasn’t sure if this was a regular practice of UBC as it isn’t outlined on their website at all yet my email clearly stated I was being solely considered for NMP. This makes sense for me because I grew up rural and lived in the Arctic for a while, yet I have a complete lack of research experience and only a 510 on the MCAT, so I might’ve been below regular cutoffs. This is just speculation though of course. Best of luck to everyone :)
  10. My interview was part of the regular track and I was able to choose any interview slot despite being told I was exclusively being considered for the NMP :)
  11. Prior to my interview I was informed I was exclusively being considered for NMP due to my high score in the rural suitability section. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat
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